Ubisoft Has More NX Surprises To Reveal,Company Has The Power To Reinvent The Way Families Play

In a recent interview, the Ubisoft EMEA head revealed that there are more Nintendo NX surprises from the publisher to be announced

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Abash1879d ago

Something tells me a new Rayman will be a timed NX exclusive

-Foxtrot1879d ago

Exclusive or not it better be a 3D platforming game like Rayman 2 and 3

You can't really go anywhere with the 2D side scrolling ones they were doing.

Genuine-User1879d ago

Rayman Origins and Legends were absolutely fantastic. I don't want a a 3D Rayman unless it's a full remaster of the second game.

ninsigma1879d ago

Loved origins and legends. Great games but I would love another 3d game on par with 2. Great escape was one of my favourite games on ps1.

-Foxtrot1879d ago


They were alright but we've got a lot of side scrollers these days, there's nothing else you can do but polish the graphics along with the standard new stages, power ups and characters.

Least with a full on 3D title we can get back to the good old platforming days...we don't really have many these days

UltimateMaster1879d ago

"Company Has The Power To Reinvent The Way Families Play"
Hype level minus 100.

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just_looken1879d ago

Or with the tech leaks of this system it could be what ubi is think of to compete with Pokemon go.

Heck why not more motion /vr games also

-Foxtrot1879d ago

I'm hearing a lot of "family" and "casual" stuff from Ubisoft with the NX....they do realise to us hardcore people that's not a good know the people who you wanted to buy Watch Dogs on the Wii U only to see little interest.

Can't imagine why.

BrandanT1879d ago

Explain how you're hardcore. I don't think you're a speed runner or a heavy competitive type.

Most self-proclaimed hardcore gamers are just some guy playing regularly for leisure. Like it's a hobby.

-Foxtrot1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Hardcore does not just mean speedrunner, heavy competitive or something like e-sports

Casual is family, friendly fun with easy games...mostly mobile stuff these days. The kind you mostly play when on the bus, in a car or taking a shit

Hardcore is basically just your everyday gaming. The triple AAA titles, sitting at home on your consoles/PC as you fire up the big hitters.

So yeah I don't think you understand yourself what Hardcore/Casual come anyway? We went through this with the Wii, hell the Wii is basically responsible of the Hardcore/Casual categories we use today.

danny8181879d ago

i think he means M Rated Games

BrandanT1879d ago

What about Metroid, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Skyrim? Are they casual or hardcore?

BrandanT1879d ago

That's agreeable. The Wii really did cause gaming to split in those categories and since then, gaming on the "casual side" became a lot easier. That's why it got that monicker, right?
And sorry I got confused, when people use "hardcore" to describe "everyday gaming" I kind of get the more literal definition of "casual" confused with the gamers' one. I just always been fussy on grammar and I'm not one to memorize each group's connotations of a particular word.

So, casual typically pertains to baseless pick-up-and-play games?

pompombrum1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Easiest way to distinguish:

Casual: Candy Crush

Hardcore/Core: Halo, GTA, COD etc

To me, casual stuff is the sort of thing my mum would play, she owns a Wii, has stuff like Wii fit and a few party games. Nintendo did a great job capturing that crowd but ultimately talking up that side isn't really going to do them any favours with the Core crowd.

wonderfulmonkeyman1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

To be fair, Ubisoft puts out their casual stuff on everything, so saying the NX will have Ubisoft's casual games isn't really an indication that that's all the NX can expect to get from them.

Of course, if all Ubi offers in terms of core games is just late/old ports, they'll be shooting themselves in the foot, and harming the NX's sales chances in the process.

MasterCornholio1879d ago

To be honest a family friendly console isn't such a bad idea. Kids will love Nintendo franchises. I'm thinking that Nintendo might be focusing on the younger demographic and their families with the NX which isn't a bad thing in my opinion.

P.S Even though I said this I believe that adults can still enjoy Nintendo games. Not calling them kiddy just kid friendly.

wheresmymonkey1879d ago

Of course Ubisoft are going to mention family games on the NX. They still make butloads of cash off just dance on the Wii every year.

If you're someone who actually has a proper interest in gaming you wont get turned off by other people having different types of games on a console. This is a good thing!

-Foxtrot1879d ago

You can have different types on one console but the problem is two consoles in Nintendo are still trying to find a new way to go after the casual audience they had with the Wii. When Ubisoft, a big publisher, goes on about how the NX is going to go after the casual crowd and be family friendly then it quickly destroys the hope you have, even if it's just the smallest amount, that Nintendos next console will focus on the audience they have. Nintendo can't go after hardcore and casual...that's been proven, the other side usually suffers.

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C_Ali881879d ago

For us "hardcore" we'll have Zelda and numerous Nintendo IP.... Cut the crap with this casual/hardcore its only a vehicle for you to spew your vitriol.

sorenx1879d ago

Lol hard core most ppl who play ps4 are casual and that is fact it is either uses as a DVD player or Netflix device. So called hard core gamers don't only play uncharted and code and not touch any none well known game. A lot of gamers on ps4 buy games bases in the covers I have seen it over a 1000 times yeah Nig** this game hot or yeah no word that uncharted joiiiiiiiin or dude that cod or yeah man ima go home and play some madden. Then u have games that come out and no one even trys them... so yeah does aaa games you talk about casuals play them cus it's hip

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Hoffmann1879d ago

Ubisoft shares a lot of blablabla when the day is long.

Benoski1879d ago

Probably also Beyond Good & Evil 2 as a true exclusive, like what Bayonetta 2 was on Wii U.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1879d ago

Another meltdown from Nintendo hate force is needed.
Of course I will never understand why anyone would complain if that happens.

Darkfist_Flames1879d ago

and just like Bayonetta 2, you fanboys gona start praising Beyond Good & Evil 2 when hardly any of you cared about the first game.

Benoski1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I'm not complaining. In fact, BG&E 2 would be a big opportunity for Nintendo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Except I played Bayonetta on X360 before the game even came out.
I had it on PS3 but didn't bother with it cause the framerate back in 2010.
So got X360 in 2013 just for it.

1876d ago
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