5 Things Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Would Need to Crush It on Current Gen

Even more Ultimate.

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GigawattConduit904d ago

I would totally love a game where I could play as Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Miles, and X-23.

gangsta_red902d ago

The new or updated Marvel heroes would be an absolute must.

I would love a heroes vs villains pvp type mode for the new MAU game.

Hoffmann902d ago

Just port Marvel Heroes 2016 and make it a 80 bucks game that has all heroes etc already.

Iceman X902d ago

You mean Marvel Heroes Online? yes they should port that, but why make a game cost $80 that free. And all the characters are already there you just have to unlock who you want to play with.

Hoffmann902d ago

Yes..but if you played it you know how many hours it takes to unlock the characters ..and especially the additional costumes + I would like to be able to play it completely offline

lociefer902d ago

just imagine: activision holding on 3 characters as pre-orders bonuses, and having half the rooster removed to be sold later as dlc. Oh the times we live in