Are Women No Longer Sex Objects In Video Games

It seems that times have changed in the way women are portrayed in video games. More and more developers are casting female characters as the lead in their video games. A lot of gamers out their today are women and recent studies are showing that women make up around 48% of the gaming population and some studies actually women gamers ahead with 52% of the gaming market. So are female characters just used for sexually objects now? or has the gaming industry evolved?

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TwoForce1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Well, I don't know. To be honest, I don't mind half naked female characters in video game. Like really, I don't mind. But I do prefer a female character that confidence and badass. In the past, Ripley from Alien series, she is the most badass female characters. I can name more. Aloy from upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn, the more I see her the more I like her design and her personality. When I heard Aloy is inspired by Ripley and other famous female characters, I'm freaking excited.

And about female gamer, well I don't know how to say but I do have some female gamers on PSN. They are good friends and they are just playing video game for fun. And yes, I do know female gamer do face some serious issues on internet. Before this "cough" SJW "cough" happened, we gamer used to have discussed this and it wasn't gonna be problematic. Now it just getting annoying for us. I don't care about gender, I only care about who is good or bad. Not every individual groups are prefect, but SJW is just so selfish and misguided for so many reasons. And gamer, no offense, but we do lose patience and can be way off with our word. And about my previous comment about diversity of gaming, now we gamer don't have problems with but force to do the " diversity " is not okay. Look if you want us to make diversity of gaming, let us decide for ourselves not you(SJW). If Nintendo want to make a female main character in Zelda game, let them decide. Freedom which is for people to decide what they want.

JROCKNXL1879d ago

Aloy is inspired by Ripley? I had no idea. that is AWESOME!! totally agree with you on Ripley being badass!

TwoForce1879d ago

Yes, GG did said that Aloy inspired by Ripley.

UltraNova1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@two force

Just a general question for ya:

So let me get this right, when females are portrayed in any entertainment medium they will have to be as manly and macho as the next male video game/movie character to be deemed acceptaple?

In other words did we, as a society accepted the social brainwash of a feminine female character as racisism and that all female character portrayals must be equally manly as any male one? Is this really the bottom of the hole for modern society?

Disclaimer: Well...sue me for liking the occational female to be you know FEMALE and not testosterone induced killing machines.


? My gripe isnt with you twoforce but with modern society.

TwoForce1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@UltraNova Easy there, I don't really mind half naked female characters in video game. Like I said, it entirely up to the people to decide. I have been gaming for 16 years. I don't get offense by these half naked female in video game. Yes, sex do sell. The only problem I have with sexy female characters in video game. It not half naked or anything. It just that people doesn't care about story development of these characters. The original Lara Croft was sexy, badass and confidence. If people want to make sexy female characters, they need to make them have personality. Even Overwatch have female character who have personality even they are sexy.

Edit : I get what you mean about modern society. It not easy to be honest. But We have to live and fight it.

Kingthrash3601879d ago

I never seen women in games as sex objects though.
Were they sexy...yes fantasy levels of boobage yes.. (some) but I wasn't getting my rocks off to them. Nor have I ever felt like buying a game depending on how curvy a female character was.
I hate articles like this ...especially when real things like snap chat and instagram have girls doing....things....just for age limit on these app tho....but we talking about forms of art made out of ok

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SaveFerris1880d ago

Ask Koei Temco. In any case, I will leave it up to the developers.

sdcard4gb1878d ago

Someone like Hideki Kamiya, who has the best stance on the matter:
"- This is offensive !!!
- Okay, so ? XD"

JROCKNXL1879d ago

I'd have to say Lara Croft is still my all time favorite! these new games released in the last few years have been mind blowing. looking forward to the next one.

Deep-throat1879d ago

BTW, those studies include "gamers" who tap on their smartphones or play games on Facebook.

Hoffmann1879d ago

This comment was written by someone who named himself Deep-throat ;-P

bunt-custardly1878d ago

Yeh obvious MGS fan. Get wid da program blud.

OoglyBoogly1878d ago

People seem to not realize this. While, yes, games like Farmville (big game at the time of the study) can be constituted as a "game" the 52% number for women isn't what I would consider to be "core" gamers. Gamers that own consoles, play more serious games, etc. So even if you play Facebook games for an hour a week you'd be considered a gamer by the studies guidelines.

Hoffmann1879d ago

Lara Croft never was a sex object in one of the games. At least not in the old ones.

MasterCornholio1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

In the first game the butler was a sex object. Everytime Laura bumped into him he would have an organism and fart at the same time. And then to cool him off she would lock him in the freezer.

That poor butler.


Wait what were we talking about?


You monster.


Hoffmann1878d ago

Damn. I remember doing that to him as well.

OoglyBoogly1878d ago

She wasn't a sex object but one of her objectives was to certainly be sexy. Hard to pull off with triangle tits but they were better by the second game.

DanteVFenris6661878d ago

Then you could say the same thing with men in video games. Have you ever played a male character in games that wasn't sexy? Kratos buff as fuck no shirt, Nathan drake chaming and handsome as fuck, Crash Bandicoot wild and an animal in bed

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