Short Pause Podcast #80: In-Depth With The NX Leak: Is This The System We Want To See From Nintendo?

Another week, another edition of the Short Pause Gaming Podcast! Ben, Bender, and Frankie get together to once again talk the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. Topics this week include going in-depth with the NX leak, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, Adam Boyes at Iron Galaxy Studios, and
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TheDude791874d ago

Personally, I just want a competent system that will attract many many developers to produce games for it. I know the Nintendo first-party support will be there, but honestly, does anyone look to Nintendo for third-party games anymore? When I think of Nintendo, I don't think of Assassin's Creed, Titanfall, Mass Effect, or Battlefield. Breath of the Wild looks epic and the thought of having an expansive game like that on-the-go is incredibly appealing. Thats the one glimmer of hope, is that if the NX (as handheld device) can run Breath of the Wild, then third-party developers should have enough power under the hood to bring over ports of their AAA-titles, even if they're watered down versions spec-wise.

Hoffmann1874d ago

Personally I rather had them going third party with their games being released for as many systems as possible. I stopped buying Nintendo hardware a decade ago but would love to buy some games from them without any extra costs just because they are from Nintendo.

ZeekQuattro1874d ago

Too poor or too cheap to buy a Nintendo console in order to enjoy Nintendo games. Either way that's just sad. I don't sit around wising Sony went 3rd party nor did I feel that way about Sega. I simply bought consoles from more than one company. If you can't afford videogames get a better job or a cheaper hobby. Either way stop embarrassing yourself fiending for Nintendo games yet don't want to pay the cost. You would think after a decade you would of moved on but damn you have it bad. lol

superchiller1867d ago

His point is that most people just don't want to buy Nintendo's gimmicky, low-spec, feature-lacking hardware just to play a handful of games.