Comcast's usage cap: Is the sky really falling?

Few Comcast customers will ever consume 250GB of bandwidth, and in fact it's probably several times what Comcast's network can provide to all users anyway. If a large fraction of Comcast's customer base is now encouraged to start sharing its own high-definition home movies on peer-to-peer file-sharing services, network congestion will impose a much lower limit.

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GodsHand4837d ago

Maybe that writer should do some more math. How customers x monthly bill = $$$$$$$. How much of that is profit. I think this move would just allow comcast or any other company to make more money, and pay their VP insane amounts of money per year.

I remember Timewarner wanting to test this out in Texas. I live in Texas, and pay $50.00/month. I put the 2,000,000 suscribers here in Texas. That add up to large amount of money. Some may even pay more with TV, Phone service. I pay just for Roadrunner basic line. I know not everyone pays, but out of how many don't pay vs pay. Low enough to not bother with taking them to court.

pixelsword4832d ago

Comcast is wrong for doing that and will ruin Downloadable movies. Who will waste Gigs for a movie when they can buy it at the store? . Comcast sucks. I hope someone else starts online companies so we don't have to deal with this bull.