HTC VR China Boss: PlayStation VR Is $399 Worth of Gear VR

He stated that the $399 USD or 2,999 Chinese Yuan price was a misleading one. He believed that the hardware and user experience offered by PlayStation VR were disappointed, and it was literally a $399 worth of Gear VR. Alvin Wang GraylinAlvin Wang Graylin agreed that PlayStation Camera and PlayStation

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King_Lothric1785d ago

He is afraid. He knows PSVR is going to be more popular

ApocalypseShadow1785d ago

He is afraid and it's a cowardly attack.

He knows that PSVR is less expensive but will have more mind share and potentially more sales. Vive and oculus are better in technology, but the games haven't proven their superiority yet even with room scale.

Their fear of PSVR somehow ruining the success of VR seems nonexistent when it comes to Google cardboard or gear VR. PSVR is better than those two by a mile. Yet, they are silent on those. PSVR is definitely a threat to them.

TheCommentator1784d ago

Truth hurts, but just because PSVR is inferior technology on the vanilla PS4 doesn't mean that won't still be successful at the beginning. It's true success will be measured when it is hooked up to Neo, which is what Sony designed the PSVR to run on in the first place. It's a classic bait and switch tactic.

PS4 = shovelware
Neo = real VR games

joeorc1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow

Well I look at it like this, as not so much as a cowardly Attack as more so along the lines of his Argument is pretty much a moot point..


I say Fine is if he really wants to play it that way, his $700.00 + VR set up is just $700.00

worth of the PSVR " over $3,000 VR freaking Suit"


Yes remember this entire VR suit that the developer made that works with PSVR..

I mean that suit was made with the PSVR in Mind , not the HTC : Vive or OculusRift, or was made with the mind!

And it will top for immersive play in VR better than Vive, OCRift or gear VR..right now, but you do not see Sony trying to promote such that you could do with such a budgeting.. LMAO

If you have such a budgeting, it's a freaking no brainer.

But the point is at its Price point, support level being already shown off by 1st party and 2nd party and 3rd party..with even Chinese publishers and developers supporting PSVR , is it any wonder it's already with over now 80+ games for its launch window & 1st year market launch. PSVR already has great support by small and larger developers & publishers across the board.

[email protected] right he may be a little bit worried for the market share and Mind share for their VR headset. In the PC market when OculusRift is breathing down their neck..I mean samsungs : GearVR for petesake is a certified Oculus device!

And he even mentioned it..LMAO
It's clear being stuck between Samsung & Facebook with OculusRift and Samsung's certified Oculus VR mobile VR headset. And now with Sony and its PS4's Dedicated VR Headset..

That's going to have a very large development & publisher pool possibly taken away from making applications and Games for HTC & Valves headset Vive ..only..instead he knows there is a good chance being in the middle of having to share..even though HTC :Vive may be the most hardware robust out of the VR setups , it may not be having the best chance to drive the VR market from the driver seat..

At least it will remain as a passenger inside the vehicle..

It's just Vive, OculusRift, GearVR , Google Cardboard and PSVR all want the driver seat..but they are all going to remain passengers onboard as Driving the growth forward.

I think , He knows HTC's chances to be in the driver Seat driving the VR headset Market going forward is pretty low..vs Oculus Or Sony's PlayStation Has.

With Oculus in VR space they not only have the OculusRift, but since Samsung's GearVR is also a certified Oculus certified device's chances are most like greater to Drive VR market going forward..Sony's PSVR in the game console market has pretty much the largest advantage to drive VR there over Both HTC and Oculus.

So sitting in the middle is not ideal against two very strong competition VR headsets.

freshslicepizza1784d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow
"He knows that PSVR is less expensive but will have more mind share and potentially more sales."

and that's why the wii outsold the ps3 and xbox 360. it all depends on how much one wants to invest in the experience. $850 is still quite a bit of money to get into psvr if you include all the hardware needed to start.

"Vive and oculus are better in technology, but the games haven't proven their superiority yet even with room scale."

has psvr proven to offer better games? please provide the link, thanks.

ApocalypseShadow1784d ago

And if you can prove to us in this thread moldy that I said PSVR games were better than PC VR games, we're all ears.

No matter how you and people like death spin it, PSVR is less expensive than the other two. It's like you're not even trying anymore.

Come back when your comments aren't as stale as day old bread. You can do better. I'd welcome an intelligent response.

s45gr321783d ago

On PS4 Neo I agree but the base PS4 with overclocked notebook/tablet cpu and weak ass GPU; no is not a threat.

bouzebbal1783d ago

You get more popular you get more haters.. That's how it is.
Nice post

UltraNova1783d ago

HTC is on the bring as a company. They formed a partnership with Valve to make the Vive while the latter provided all the software including the user interface while releasing everything for free online. So HTC is just the hardware maker, hardware that was RnD'd by Valve again.

How long will Valve allow them to pigi back? So its evident that HTC feels threatent as their VR future depends on how Gabe wakes up everymorning.

I have tried both Gear VR (came free with my Galaxy S7) and PSVR (finally) recently and I have to say the latter is light years away. Its like comparing ps1 graphics and engine tech with ps4's and I was using a damn S7 on the Gear VR!


Everyone and their mums has a ps4 now and with neo coming out soon even their grandmas will get one so not only was your comment 'stale' but grossly missleading as well.

abstractel1783d ago

People who trash PSVR obviously hasn't played the experiences for themselves. Everyone that I've talked to, and also my own experience, shows that PSVR is at least on par with HTC Vive (of which I own one). Yes, the PC is more powerful but there are very few quality games on the HTC Vive, something I hope will change.

PSVR experiences like Crytek's Robinson, Guerilla Cambridge's RIGS and others are awesome on vanilla PS4 and will only be better on Neo. Gran Turismo looks fantastic and since it runs at 60fps on vanilla PS4, not many sacrifices are going to be made to play it in VR -- which has been confirmed can be played full career mode in VR (and switch between if you get fatigue).

Also, PSVR is by far the most comfortable VR headset to wear which actually is a big deal.

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Patrick1784d ago

Yeah, so many great reviews from regular gamers and gaming websites that most all say they love PSVR, and we're suppose to care what this one guy (who is a competitor) thinks. Yeah, no. I agree, he is afraid.

LexHazard791784d ago

I dont get why you guys think hes afraid. They have the best consumer VR experience on the market for enthusiast. If you have the room and the money Rift and Vive would be way to go for VR gaming. Also maybe the quality of Vive is soo good, it makes PSVR look like Gear VR.

joeorc1784d ago

@BakPAin4m ago
[I dont get why you guys think hes afraid. ]

They have the best consumer VR experience on the market for [enthusiast.]

Right there, key point..

[Also maybe the quality of Vive is soo good, it makes PSVR look like Gear VR.]

Have you tried all three of those headsets?

Because what you just implied , is not only wrong but would be non applicable in the situation of described difference between the 3, GearVR has no real Base established Sense of user presences inside VR in a center gyroscopes means of interactivity inside a point of center Axis of a virtual Gyro center of the User being that center Axis of the VR world..

Which is exactly what GearVR is missing which PSVR and HTC Vive are not.

Even though GearVR is pretty amazing for mobile VR , it's no PlayStation VR or HTC Vive.

Which is why you and the HTC Rep trying to imply that it somehow makes the PSVR closer to the GearVR than the the HTC Vive is not only erroneous, but downright misrepresentation of the facts on the difference in the VR headsets.

Muzikguy1784d ago


So you have both Vive and PSVR? I'm just curious as to how you can say the quality is so different.

2pacalypsenow1784d ago

@BakPAin the "Enthusiasts" market is so small, it doesn't even factor into anything

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rainslacker1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

For double the price, I'd expect the Vive to not have such a pronounced screen door effect. Maybe that's what he's referring to...on the PSVR, the SDE is half as noticeable....

HTC has pretty good hardware, but they're selling to the high end market, which is usually the smallest market there is for stuff like this. Over time, when technology comes down in price, the competitors will adapt new things which will make their products better, and since they'll be more mainstream, they'll have a better customer base to sell to.

As good as their hardware is, they'll be marginal in the overall marketplace unless they can price themselves competitively, and if they can't manage to get in on the ground floor while the competitors take off, they'll be an afterthought going forward. Even now, among the VR groups, OR and PSVR are getting most of the attention.

Edit: I realize that I was probably thinking of their Vive hardware when writing this comment. Looking at it as the GearVR...his comment makes absolutely no sense, since they are entirely different things with the PSVR having much more functionality....such as it's own display and more tracking sensors.

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mike32UK1784d ago

There's no denying that the HTC Vive is vastly superior to PSVR from a technical standpoint, but there's no need for these comments. Put your claws away guy.

Aenea1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

"HTC Vive is vastly superior to PSVR"

People keep saying that, I wonder what you and others are basing that on?
- Vive only does 90hz, PSVR does 90hz and 120hz
- Vive has a 1200p combined resolution, PSVR has 1080p
- Vive has 2 sub-pixels per pixel, PSVR has 3 of them making the number of sub-pixels higher (makes the screen door effect way less)
- PSVR is lighter and more comfortable
- Vive has 110 degrees FOV compared to 100 of the PSVR

Both are rather comparable to me from a pure technical standpoint with both having plus and minuses as compared to the other.

I feel tho that most people who say this sorta thing are thinking of the computing device that is driving the headset and not about the headset itself. Yes, a powerful PC can send way better visuals to a VR headset than a PS4, doesn't mean that impacts the quality of the headsets themselves...

joeorc1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

@FasterThanFTL11m ago
[He is being too generous]

And what he is saying will not make a real difference.. Here is the truth. This situation is almost an exactly the same problem Nividia experienced with the Nvidia shield.

The Nvidia shield was quite a bit more powerful than the Nintendo 3DS and for that matter the PSVita..but yet

It has not even.outsold the PSVita..
Many in the gamer community's all talk about how the PSVita is a Flop vs the Nintendo 3DS, but yet the most powerful out of the dedicated Game handheld systems has not even outsold what is quote the A Dead Platform..

The blunt truth of the matter is this..despite having the most robust hardware , it will be Facebook & Oculus & Samsung &/Google with the OculusRift & GearVR &/Google cardboard that will be the ones driving the Mobile and PC VR market, while Sony has pretty much carved out a sizable chunk of the VR Market pretty much all to themselves for the games console market.

HTC and Valve with the Vive will be in most cases having to share resources of development and Publishers due to Samsung's Gear VR being an Oculus certified device that can access Oculus VR online store for content and Google Play store for Cardboard VR content. While OculusRift will have PC support for VR also driving VR right along side of the HTC Vive.

WheatBread1784d ago

It's true, tech reviewers have said this months ago.

WeAreLegion1784d ago

It's not true and they haven't. They've all been very positive toward PSVR, stating how impressive it is for the hardware it's running on.

WheatBread1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Yes, it is, google it. And this is coming from a PS4/PS3 owner so you fanboys can pull Hirai's balls out of your mouths.

Majister-Ludi1784d ago

Yes it is. This is not news. Psvr was never going to compare to the other 2. It's not ever going to be close to as powerful. All that matters is the games. If psvr has good games it will sell. It's the quality argument again. You get what you pay for. I haven't bought any vr yet but if I do it will be the best one and it will cost more and I am willing to do that because I like the best. Fyc

raWfodog1784d ago

Exactly what part is 'true'? He said some things that are fact and others that can be strictly opinion.

rainslacker1784d ago

They've been saying PSVR is equivalent to the HTC Gear know...their mobile headset where you use your own phone?

If the tech reviewers you've seen are saying that, then you need to find some new tech reviewers, because in no instance is PSVR anywhere near the same thing.

Maybe you're thinking this guy is talking about the Vive....but he's not.

Aenea1781d ago

Don't tell me to Google for proof of something you said, provide the proof! There's none....

@wheatbread and @majister-ludi
The technical differences of the Vive and PSVR:
- Vive only does 90hz, PSVR does 90hz and 120hz
- Vive has a 1200p combined resolution, PSVR has 1080p
- Vive has 2 sub-pixels per pixel, PSVR has 3 of them making the number of sub-pixels higher (makes the screen door effect way less)
- PSVR is lighter and more comfortable
- Vive has 110 degrees FOV compared to 100 of the PSVR

Now tell me which one is way better than the other when both have their pluses and minuses?

And no, don't say a PC is more powerful than a PS4, it's not about the hardware connected to the headset, we're talking about the headsets themselves...

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amnalehu1784d ago

I've tried them both and both are incredible. FOr the money and ease of setup im going with PSVR.

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