Thunder Force IV - The Greatest SHMUP of the 16-bit Generation

SHMUP Master Presents: Thunder Force IV!

In this video Aggro Sky shows you why Thunder Force IV is one of the greatest 16-bit SHMUPS of all time. From a detailed examination of the game itself, to an epic boss rush at the end. You've probably never seen a Retro Gaming video quite like this before.

This video also features original covers of 5 songs featured in the game including the classic Metal Squad. Played on screaming heavy metal guitar by Julian Kogasu.

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stalepie1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Great review! Unusually good. I'm glad to see attention given to the difficulty setting differences, parallax scrolling and music. I'd only suggest you may need a volume bump on your voice in a couple parts, like at the beginning. Sounds a little quiet there.

I wish a re-release of TecnoSoft's games would hit the modern marketplace. They had so many good ones.

aggrosky1874d ago

Thanks! I appreciate the insight and glad you enjoyed it. And YES, I can't believe these games still haven't been released. They must be tied up in litigation between a couple different companies or something... It's sad.