Catch the Legendary Arceus for the Month of August

Hardcore Gamer: Every month during Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, players have a chance of catching some rare Pokémon. This time around is Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon. It made its debut in Diamond and Pearl with the game’s lore describing it as having shaped the entire world.

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-Foxtrot2381d ago

Digital Code?

We have online now, why not just let people download it from their homes.

LAWSON722381d ago

If you were actually taking part in these events you would know how they have been working....

-Foxtrot2381d ago

Whether I know why or not is irelevant

We have online now...they should use it. Not everyone has the time to go out there and pick up codes and the like. What is this? The 90s

TXIDarkAvenger2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Uh they were giving multiple legendaries via online recently. I don't see why they did something different for Arceus.


Disagree? They were giving legendaries via mystery gift. Go look it up.

LAWSON722381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )


Simply put, I was getting at you really don't need to give your input on things you have no interest in.

As for why, the reason is obvious and we all know it, GS and Pokemon made a deal. Simple as that. If you were taking a letter to the post office and I was like hey I will give you $100 if you let me do that for you would you decline?

Summons752381d ago

Stop whining. This whole year has been ONE month go to store, you know OUTSIDE. Then you get two months of being a shut in. Taking a five minute trip isn't going to kill you, next month you can stay shut in and have no contact with the outside world.

-Foxtrot2381d ago

So people who don't like digital codes and point out how idiotic it is when we have an ONLINE SYSTEM doesn't get outside and is whining. You think if anyone says anything against a developer is "whining" so you know.

Pffft please I work two jobs and I'm out most of the time...what I don't have time for is going to shops and getting a silly code for a Pokemon they could easily let us download on our 3DS systems.

Not rocket science.

RosweeSon2381d ago

They are with every other one yet to come except for Genesect which you have to pop into store for if your playing Pokemon go shouldn't be to much of a stretch to pop into a local store

2381d ago
RosweeSon2381d ago

It's not different just for Arceus they did exactly the same with Darkrai barely a couple of months ago.

RosweeSon2381d ago

Sure they've got an online system they have even used it multiple times for this game my album is nearly full some were done over Wi-Fi some were given away via codes in emails and some in store what's your problem dude...
They have online they should use it...
THEY HAVE multiple times already this year people need to seriously get a grip round here I've just had some guy PM with the sales figures of every Sony/Nintendo machine... I KNOW because I've been gaming for 30 years and have bought each and everyone of those systems you've just listed Sony/Nintendo/Sega/Microsoft, sales don't bother me in the slightest I'm no sheep I buy what I want regardless of if its popular or selling millions, got some serious fanboys round here and people who just like a moan, I'm guessing you don't even play Pokemon Foxtrot so why such concern for it get on with what your playing.
It's called mixing it up one months it's a code via store then it's emailed to you then you can download direct from wi-fi.
Losing the will to live with this website these days.

darren_poolies2381d ago

I wish they did more stuff like this in the UK :'(

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