No Man's Sky Early Owner Complains About Bugs & Frequent Crashes on PS4, Recommends to Save a Lot

According to an early owner of No Man's Sky, the game suffers from frequent crashes on PS4 as well as many different bugs, though it's not all bad.

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Garethvk1880d ago

I figured it would be buggy.

kaiserfranz1880d ago

Big games are buggy, it stands to reason that the biggest, universe sized game would be buggy too...The crashes are more worrisome.

yarbie10001880d ago

its procedural is minecraft

Aloy-Boyfriend1880d ago

Wait wait so W3 and Fallout 4 get a pass but NMS can't? What's up with that @Disagrees? This game being console exclusive must really hurt; makes me wish it never becomes multiplat for the unwarranted hate and pessimism it gets from haters.

wraith49121880d ago

@ xi it's not console exclusive, it was in development for PC before Sony started throwing money at them for exclusivity but they said no.

1880d ago
Aloy-Boyfriend1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Cool story @wraith

SolidStoner1880d ago

remember any elder scrolls game? the more complex it gets the more bugs it gets... and if it is randomly generated infinite universe... expect us... we are your bugs.. we do not forget.. we do not forgive! :D

TFJWM1880d ago

"What a disaster for PS4 gamers without internet to download a day one patch.

Hope my PC version runs better."

What would be even sadder is buying a 4k system that doesn't even do 4k without a patch...

1880d ago
Gazondaily1880d ago

Hopefully the patches sort these problems out. I think we can all agree that such frequent crashes aren't acceptable.

UltraNova1880d ago

Its good that he experienced those crushes so Hello will have early feedback to try and include a fix on the day 1 patch.

That said It serves him right (for playing it earlier than me)

Kingthrash3601879d ago

Lmao...guy gets game weeks early...complains about bugs...similar to the guy who got a xbos early said no 4k.....that's a common thing. Day one will have a patch like literally every game this generation.

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FITgamer1880d ago

Does he have day 1 patch installed? If not I'm sure there will be a number of bugs.

ziggurcat1879d ago

he doesn't, which is why it renders his complaints (and this article altogether) moot.

conanlifts1880d ago

Maybe it simply needs a day 1 patch. Play before release and this is more likely to happen.

_-EDMIX-_1880d ago

I mean this person's also playing the game before it's actually scheduled release so far all we know he's also playing it before they patch.

When you Greenlight a game to be completed the verification process takes time so the developers actually continue to work on the game until it's official release and just patch what they've been working on.

shammgod1880d ago

Oh did you? You're the awesomest bruh

aceitman1880d ago
Looks like the person who has received this has a stolen demo , or stolen non final development copy .

Aenea1880d ago

He also had a video where he opened the box with an official looking disc inside so it seems legit to me, tho of course he could've gotten something else and we don't know.

Still, he played without the Day 1 patch, so yes, of course there will be bugs in there that we will certainly not notice while we're playing it!

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Mostafeto1880d ago

Hmmmm, this is not comforting at all.

raWfodog1880d ago

That could be what the day 1 patch is for. I have confidence that HG will fix the bugs quickly.

Dark_Knightmare21880d ago

Not like it's something new lol I mean fallout 4,Witcher 3,skyrim and numerous other games had problems on day one and it didn't stop those games from being amazing

Chris_Wray1880d ago

It's a huge game. To expect it to be bug free would be silly. Early patches and support will be the key thing!

Imp0ssibl31880d ago

I just hope Hello Games is ready, but they're pretty small.

GordonKnight1880d ago

With the game being exclusive, I'm sure Sony will make sure they have the resources needed fix the game.

DragonDDark1880d ago

@Gordon: Hello games arent first party...

MatrixxGT1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@gordon the game is not exclusive. Sony's sole involvement with NMS is publishing and distributing the blu-Ray disc version of the game on PS4. Sony is not funding the game. They are just funding the production of the Disc's and the distribution channels. PC and PSN sales are pure Hello Games responsibility.

"Hello Games is the creator and developer of No Man's Sky and the publisher of the PlayStation 4 digital and PC version of the game. As such, Hello Games is best placed to answer any queries about the game's development.
Sony Interactive Entertainment is the publisher and distributor of the Blu-ray Disc version of the game."

1880d ago
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

That shouldn't exist either.

If you go to a fast food restaurant or restaurant would want your food to be incomplete when you get it or missing something or isn't what you order such as asking them not include something it whatever burger or add something to whatever you ordering.

Same thing. As gamer we should demanding bugfree games.

I understand if it balancing for fighting games or racing games but glitches, frame issues, bugs and all of that shouldn't exist.

_-EDMIX-_1880d ago

All software is dynamic , it is not absolute.

in fact the term "finished" in software is almost like an oxymoron because there's something that could always be added onto or fixed.

There's too many variables to ever release a game with a zero patches all you have to do is look back at the PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 or N64 era of games and see all the games that had numerous upon numerous bugs and issues.

You cannot make an absolute piece of software for god sakes we have games that are getting patched today that have released 5 or 6 years ago so have a game in development for 12 years?

I'm sorry but the standard that you're trying to ask for is literally impossible even the greatest game developers on the planet cannot make a game with zero issues so it stands to question......what the hell are you talking about or even asking for?

Something that no one's ever actually done? No making a game if not like making food....

Look at The Witcher 3 that game has won some of the most Game of the Year Awards in gaming and it's Heavenly praise by many many gamers alike yet it's still being patched...

Not because the team did a bad job but because it's an actual video game with lots of variables, I'm sorry but you can't even name me a single team that is so good that they don't need to patch their games...

What you're saying should be in gaming is basically like me saying we should have World Peace , you're asking for an impossible based on a Wishful dream not off of plausible solution or even reality.

ie we shouldn't have rape, we shouldn't have crime , we shouldn't have etc.

Moe-Gunz1880d ago

Are you really comparing software to fast food?

As any developer will tell you, there will always be bugs. You fix one and another pops up. There is no such thing as bug free. Before patches was possible games had bugs and you just had to deal with it. At least now they can fix the problem and update.

OT: Didnt get the Day 1 patch , so yeah.

uth111880d ago

There is no such thing is bug free software.

Every software company I worked for, there are always more bugs than there is time to fix. The bugs get prioritized, the high profile and dangerous bugs get fixed, some never do

ziggurcat1880d ago


seeing as how the person complaining about these bugs, and telling people to save often is playing the game without the patch that could fix these issues, this article shouldn't exist.

"As gamer we should demanding bugfree games."

in an ideal world, sure. the fact of the matter is, no game - even back in the 70's/80's/90's when there were no post-release patches - is completely 100% bug-free. to sit there, and think that the games back then were perfect is incredibly naive, and all you need to do is watch, say, an ocarina of time speedrun to see that there are a lot of bugs that people exploit to get through the game in ridiculous times.

Pongwater1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

It's unrealistic to think bugs and therefore patches shouldn't exist. The more complex the code the more likely it will be bugged, and as technology advances the code only gets more and more complex.

I find it funny that the good quotes from early players don't warrant articles.

“I’m only a couple hours in, barely touched a few planets and already I’ve had many F*** YEAH moments"

"I don’t want to be the guy that spoiled all this cool shit, and I’m just leaving it at that! But for now, I’m going to just play the game, keep to myself and enjoy it.”

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Killz4Twinkies1880d ago

We should "expect" all games to be bug free.

Unfortunately that is not the world we live in. I'd imagine that Hello Games will provide support/patches early and often.

_-EDMIX-_1880d ago

Because of what software is, I can't even say that is even a slight possibility. What game do you know that launched perfect zero bugs?

Expect something that's never happened?

Killz4Twinkies1880d ago

I hear ya that it is unrealistic, but i think everyone can agree most games could be significantly better at launch than they currently have been

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1880d ago

This game is going to most likely get a day one patch to fix a lot of these issues. I wish this guy would quit spewing doom and gloom about this game. The negativity from people over this game is ridiculous. I find it so strange that so many people want this game to fail.

yarbie10001880d ago

You find it strange that a user who has the game is doing the job that journalists should be doing and warning people before they throw money at a broken game?


SpaceRanger1880d ago

Broken game? This isn't the MCC yarbie. There's a day one patch. Journalists aren't doing this because they're not scumbags who leak the game early and spoil it.

yarbie10001880d ago

MCC had a 20GB day one patch lol. I understand you have so much riding on this being a good game. Don't let anyone hurt your feelings. #Believe

KwietStorm_BLM1880d ago

Game isn't released yet. Hello Games been working on day 1 patch for weeks. Broken game? lmao Let's chill.

Aloy-Boyfriend1880d ago

Halo MCC multiplayer lasted months broken. Never forget

Pongwater1880d ago

Seems more like some people have a lot riding on this being a bad game.

Any "journalist" who complains after playing a game early without knowing if there's a day one patch isn't a journalist at all and does no one a favor by potentially spreading misinformation.

Bethesda has routinely released some of the buggiest games in the industry for over two decades, yet got a Developer of the Year award for Skyrim, another buggy game that stayed very buggy well after release. But yeah let's pile on Hello Games without knowing how No Man's Sky will be on day one.

Gamers like you aren't real gamers.

1880d ago
_-EDMIX-_1880d ago

Why would game journalist tell you the build of a game that has not gotten a day-one patch yet?


Dark_Knightmare21880d ago

How's he warning he's more letting people know about some problems like other games have had not to mention he really liked the game it wasn't like he was shitting on it

krypt19831880d ago

Your feelings are obviously hurt no one has even mentioned microsoft or there games yet you die hard ponies always seem to go back to xbox everytime there is a problem with a game on gaystation what a sad community to be in

TwoForce1880d ago

And do you think every games to be perfect on launch day ? Even Halo 5 needed day one patch when the game launched and there more games need day one patched.

LordMaim1880d ago

@Rookie: Seriously?

"LmFAO at SpaceRanger doing damage control for Sony. Always bring in an Xbox game to the conversation to try to spin it in a good light for Sony. I suggest a perm ban for Spaceranger for constantly going off topic and stealth trolling the other console constantly. One of the worst Sony trolls on N4G. Oh, XiKurapikaKurta too."

Are you seriously asking for this, considering all of your efforts over the years?

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inStereo1880d ago

Maybe the guy shouldn't have dropped 2 grand on a copy that is not the final release version...

Nitrowolf21880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

But it is the "Final Release" Version, It's the same version everyone gonna buy in terms of Physical Copies. Its the same copy that reviewers have at the moment. Its the version that they printed on the final disc. Look at it this way, if you don't have internet connection this is the version only available

There's also no telling if these bugs will be fixed in this upcoming patch. I'm sure reviewers are reporting bugs as in the past when I've recieved review copies some devs ask for any reported issues

inStereo1880d ago

Ah - I didn't realize it was the final version - thanks for clearing that up! I guess it is a bit worrisome, then...