Sega Considering PS4 Remakes for Yakuza 2, 3, 4 and 5

The Yakuza series is not new to remakes and remasters. The original Yakuza and its sequel Yakuza 2 were remastered for PS3 and Wii U, and the first game has been completely remade fro PS3 and PS4 at the beginning of this year with Yakuza: Kiwami. Looks like more might be coming.

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_-EDMIX-_2376d ago

WOULD LOVE a remake of Yakuza 2! Would love for 1 to come to the west, but that might be based on how well Yakuza Zero does here! If you are a fan of the series, buy Yakuza Zero day 1! Buying Yakuza 5 is what likely got that deal done! Show Sega you want the series in the west with your wallets!

I'm buying Yakuza Zero day 1, even though I'll be playing Resident Evil VII that month, only to show support as I"m still going to play it.

Bansai2376d ago

Buying Zero day one too. RE VII's gonna wait.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm2376d ago

A collection would be cool. Have never played Y1 and 2.

ApocalypseShadow2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

How about Shenmue 1,2 remaster or remake? How about a skies of Arcadia remaster or remake?phantasy star 1-4 remaster or remake?

How about getting up off your pachinko, being owned by Sammy butts and make some sequels or some remakes instead of sonic all the time. Where's shinobi? Where's a 3D,4 player co-op of golden Axe so we can kill some death adder?

How about a remake or remaster of Sega itself because I can't get a sequel to streets of rage? Speaking of rage...

End rant...

_-EDMIX-_2376d ago

Sure, when those actually make money....

I'd want those too, but this is about business, not some fanboy dream. Yakuza is a proven series. Shenmue remasters could do well, but again...Yakuza is a proven series.

Omeganex99992376d ago

Yeah, Shenmue I & II, absolutely. I understand remastering those games might be hard (they are pretty old and the controls suck) but with III coming out that would be a great move.

ApocalypseShadow2376d ago

At least you get partly what I'm saying. I want some more Sega games. Not just yakuza and sonic.

Gamers like edmix think that they shouldn't even try. It's like Sega being like EA or Microsoft with just releasing the same games every year. Where's the fun in that?

_-EDMIX-_2376d ago

No, I believe they should remain conservative.

Whether you like it or not Sega being very smart about how they use their money is the only reason you even have a Sega to be asking for shenmue remasters in the first place.

Being very conservative with their funds is how they even got Relic or creative assembly or even purchasing Atlus. I personally think Sega is doing a phenomenal job right now and I believe they should only factor in is shenmue remaster if the demand is there for the actual titles in fact I think they should only even consider it when they start to see real production from shenmue 3

Mind you I really really like saying I'm a lifelong fan of Sega I own a Sega Genesis ,Sega CD ,Sega Saturn and even the Sega Dreamcast which I even played the first 2 shenmue games on.

That doesn't mean I'm recommending for the company to just go all out throwing money at any and everything you have to seriously factor that the shenmue games combined only moved around 1 million units that's very difficult for Sega to justify remastering games that didn't even sell the first time around

I'm not saying that they shouldn't but I'm saying that they have to take into deep consideration what they're seeing from shenmue 3's development before they begin considering such a costly remaster.

Mind you, they're releasing dawn of War 3 they just landed a huge contract from Microsoft to have creative assembly make Halo Wars 2 they're releasing a brand new Sonic game I think Sega is doing fine and I think they need to stay very conservative at the moment because that type of wild risk you're asking for is also the thing that landed Capcom in huge trouble and that company right now is entertaining the idea of selling off their intellectual properties and possibly the entire company , Sega is in no such position they're even purchasing teams.

If anything look at Konami situation with Metal Gear Solid...

I'm sorry you feel that way but I'd rather have Sega stay around and remain fiscally sound, than have them releasing any and everything all at once only to have the next year them contemplating going out of business, no thank you.

How is that doing for Capcom? How is that doing for Konami?

Mind you, I again like Sega as a company and love the shenmue series but I merely detaching myself personally and only telling you how I feel about their current business situation, no emotions or feelings involved, just business.

I even wanted the Yakuza games released over here as digital-only and only with subtitles if it meant that Sega could turn a respectable profit as it would be fair for everyone involved. Sometimes you have to really consider this is not just about what you want, it has to make real economic sense to everyone involved in order for it to be successful , yeah sure Sega could come out and remake shenmue 1 and 2 and make shenmue 3 but if those games do not move the units that they're projecting, you could be basically sending this company to their Doom...

Let's try to really look at the bigger picture.

freshslicepizza2376d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow
"Gamers like edmix think that they shouldn't even try. It's like Sega being like EA or Microsoft with just releasing the same games every year. Where's the fun in that?"

is this comment really necessary? you sound like a sony fanboy because microsoft does release new games like quantum break and sea of thievs and recore and scalebound and ryse. keep your comments about relevant to the discussions because ALL parties including sony are guilty of rehashing ip's.

FullmetalRoyale2376d ago

Well I'd sure buy them here, in the west.

lodossrage2376d ago

I would too. Physical especially.

But sadly, we're the minority. And the sales show it. That's why we received Yakuza 5 digital only. There simply aren't enough of us out in the west that appreciate the Yakuza series the way it should be. We're a minority

FullmetalRoyale2376d ago

Well, hell, give it to me digitally! lol
Would definitely love to have a nice box on my shelf, though, beggars can't be choosers.

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