Xbox One: Meet the Universal Applications that are already available for the Console

With the arrival of the Xbox One's Summer Update, a range of new features has been introduced to further merge the console into the Windows ecosystem. Among the additions is a new universal storefront, which unifies the existing Xbox Store with its Windows counterpart.

As a part of the update, support has been added for Universal Windows applications on the Xbox One. At this point in time, the rollout has been slow but steady, with only a few apps currently on the console. We've compiled a list of all the Universal Windows apps available on the Xbox One today.

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QSPR1875d ago

nice story @magician, I love it!!!! have another one?

LIGATURE1875d ago

Only reason to get xbone is if you wonna play halo,gears or forza(for some reason).>_>

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rainslacker1875d ago

Oddly enough, those are the three games that probably interest me the least on X1...although I suppose Forza would be OK for me if I wanted to get into another racing game.

I got my X1 for the other stuff they have coming, and took the plunge for QB.

BumpFrankie1875d ago

"for some reason"

So people can't enjoy racing games these days?

ONESHOTV21874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

LIGATURE----- and the only reason to get a (ponystation) is for persona & yakuza you see two of us can dance to the same tune. btw i'm not trolling i'm just showing him two can play the same name calling game he started (check bio)

Sirk7x1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I decided on an Xbox for many reasons, Halo being one of them. I understood very well that the PS4 is the stronger machine, and would receive more Japanese support, but I preferred features of the Xbone, mainly the user interface, online infrastructure, controllers, GWG, and the fact I predicted Microsoft will probably open Windows 10 on the box at a low level, making it function more like a computer. We'll see some cool modding in a few years. I also trust Microsoft a bit more with my security opposed to Sony. I do get jealous of some of the games that are PS4 exclusive, but I don't regret my purchase for a moment.

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Bruh1874d ago

All I know is I can play N64 games on the Xbox One and that is freaking amazing

UltraNova1874d ago

Can you play Mario 64, Ocarina of time, and Goldeneye as well?

ShinMaster1874d ago

Apparently Rare Replay = all N64 games /s

1874d ago
UltraNova1873d ago


No it doesnt. Actually it raises more questions like will Nintendo allow an xbox emulator app to even see the light of day?

Actually the wont. They will sue MS so hard if they ever allowed it.

For the record, the best way to play N64 games is to actually play them on one.

Concertoine1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

This could be huge for the xbone. Emulators for NES, SNES, N64 maybe even PS1 or Neo-Geo and stuff like that. Everyone says that there's no viable legal action against emulators and i hope this holds true because it could literally make the xbone my most played console.

gangsta_red1874d ago

Definitely agree, I had the OG Xbox for the reason of installing emulators on it too. Would love to see something like that return to the Xbox.

Give me a NEW and SNES emulator and then all will be well with the world.