Possible to reach the center of No Man's Sky in 20-30 hours says player

Comments posted on Reddit have concerned some of the No Man's Sky community is that it is possible to reach the centre of the galaxy in around 20-30 hours

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Aloy-Boyfriend1875d ago

That is a great amount of hrs and way above average playtime for $60 bucks. So you don't really need to go through a certain amount of planets to finish the game, which means there will lots of branching paths amd choices. Either go to this direccion to go the center quicker, or go that way to keep exploring and reach the center later.

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nitus101874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Well, there are people who can do speed runs on games but normally after they have read up on all exploits, seen and read walkthroughs and probably spent hundreds of hours perfecting their gameplay. Just because some people can finish a game quickly by skipping out on some places does not mean everyone will.

Many RPG and even Action/Adventure games have optional quests or areas although if you enjoy the game why would you wish to finish it quickly? Obviously, if you don't like the game then why play it?

In fact, it would be in my rights to ask what type of genres or categories of games do you really like?

Going by your posts it appears you are very much in the Microsoft camp and have 8 posts to date most of which are basically hate on the PS4. Hmm smells like Troll to me.

OB1Biker1874d ago

Is that 'finishing the game' though. Can't you move to other galaxies or something?

UKmilitia1874d ago

i thought the game was so huge ,sure i heard things like trillions and such ?

kneon1874d ago

If all he's done is go straight to the center then yes the game is huge, he's seen almost nothing of the game.

If you were to start in the center and head out on different paths, each separated by 5 degrees, then you would have something like 5000 paths to try out. If each takes 20 hours then you're looking at about 11 years of continuous play. So if you play 4 hours a day, every day then you'll almost be done 66 years from now.

And you still wouldn't have seen everything because that 5 degrees of separation will be huge at the edge of the galaxy. The ends of those paths on the edge of the galaxy are about 17 hours apart, assuming the galaxy has a 20 hour radius

zeuanimals1874d ago

Apparently he's gotten his hands on a few items that sell for an insane amount in the game, hundreds of times more than some rarer items and it allowed him to buy enough fuel to warp really far. I'm thinking Hello Games are probably going to nerf the prices.

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TwoForce1875d ago

Time to reach centers of galaxy.

Stapleface1875d ago

I believe Sean Murray said 40+ hours. Devs always under estimate what players can actually do. So that sounds about right. It's going to vary depending on how much time is spent exploring vs heading towards the center.

GameDev11875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Sean Murray actually never said how many hours, he actually said it could take you years to reach the center but thats depends on what you are trying to achieve, either get there fast or explore the quintillion planets in the game


You have totally twisted his response in that interview, He was guessing a time frame for the game based on the player hence speedrunner reference. 40+ hours usually means 50 hours game time finish. so 40 plus a bit, while that interview also states 100 hours, so he actually never said 40+ hours, did he?

Stapleface1875d ago

“That journey will take like a long time,” Murray says. “If you know what you’re doing and all of that kind of thing, some speed runner will prove me wrong, but [it’s] like 40 to 100 hours. A good length of time. But that is doing absolutely nothing else but traveling forward and that is min-maxing it, knowing exactly what you're doing. I hope that's not what the majority of players do. I hope they get really distracted and end up actually on the outer edge of the galaxy in a trade route that they really enjoy and not doing anything else. For some players they end up trying to see how long it would take them to walk around a planet or become the galaxy’s botanist or whatever. But for some players they will only want to make that journey, and that's cool.”

Stapleface1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

100 being more than 40, that lines up with my 40+ statement. Not sure how I twisted anything . I just said it differently. He says 40-100, I said 40+. They mean the same thing. Sorry for not remembering a statement from almost 2 years ago word for word (which is why I said "I believe"). But that certainly falls into the "never" time frame you claimed.

GameDev11875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


I dont know if you know this but most other people know when a dev says my game is 40+ hours, it definitely does not include up to a 100 hours cause that would be incredibly misleading, they usually mean plus a bit more, so add another 10, 15, hours give or take. Murray response was guessing a range of time, not saying a specific time so you have nitpicked what you wanted out of what he said

Srelhow1874d ago

None of this bickering matters. There is no end to this game. Its an open universe sandbox game. Sean only said their is lore no story except what you make. Sean then suggested that players should go to the center of the galaxy. He just pointed us in a direction. There has been no mention that this is a end game point.

Zorkaz1874d ago

Remember that this is 'a' player. He may or may not have reached the center, and if he did, it's unlikely he did so from the very edge of the map. And of course, like GameDev1 said, this is only if you travel in a straight line or whatever. Whatever the case, this is unimaginably big if you consider all those planets, so still pretty amazing, huh?

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Dir_en_grey1875d ago

So that's how much it'll take even if you speed run the game... damn this game is huge.