Gorgeous One-Man Project “Lost Soul Aside” Gets More Information on Story and Development

Yesterday solo developer Yang Bing impressed many with a trailer of his creation Lost Soul Aside, and he followed up on Twitter and Facebook with more information.

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thatguyhayat1882d ago

I actually though that was Noctis

BLizardXD1882d ago

pretty Impressive. it's also UE4 based, which is pretty sufficient to say how well it's capabilities are of emulating other engines.

JayPi31882d ago

Someone at Square should hire this guy.

ApocalypseShadow1882d ago

Someone at any good development studio should hire him. It's impressive for one guy.

Flewid6381882d ago

Final Fantasy May Cry: The Noctis is Vergil Edition........I'm not mad at all.

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