Rock Band Exporter Released, 1.52 GB of HD Space Needed to Export Rock Band Songs

Harmonix today released the exporter on the marketplace to transport your Rock Band tracks over to Rock Band 2. Harmonix originally reported it needing 6 GBs of space but the actual numbers according to live members using the exported places it at 1.52 GB.

You will be able to delete songs you do not want after transfer as well!

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Montrealien4328d ago

sweet, I can`t wait for this game! :D

Rich16314328d ago

I had fun with the original at parties with friends, but I am skipping on the sequel. I played the original to death and it just isn't fun anymore.

meepmoopmeep4328d ago

Arcade/Core owners are sure going to love this news

Fishy Fingers4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Speculating but I doubt many Arcade users are really in the market for Rockband. Here in the UK it's like £200 for RB (more than an Arcade >_<). If your happy to spend that on a game I'm sure you wouldn't skimp on your console SKU.

Still, I'm sure there will be some and those few will probably be disappointed but they can always pop in RB1 disc if they want to play those songs, not ideal I know, but they dont actually lose anything.

But I still believe, on MS part it was wrong to release a SKU that would force users to lose features from games. It's unfair, especially as most of the people who buy them (parents?) are unaware.

Silellak4328d ago

So what? If they want to bring over their songs, buy a hard drive.

Though I've always thought a HD-less SKU was a mistake, that's no reason to crap on this. It's a classy move from Harmonix, and I hope more companies follow suit.

Montrealien4328d ago

I'm sure most people that have or buy an arcade get all the want from it and don't even log on to live or even know what DLC means.

Polluted4328d ago

I kinda liked Guitar Hero 3 better. Maybe it was just because of the crappy Rock Band guitar. Hopefully the instruments with the new game are a little better.

chrisnick4328d ago


Montrealien4328d ago

I don't have an Arcade or a core, I'll be fine. And like I said in the gamer zone, I'm sure the majority of the core/arcade owners don't know what DLC means.

caffman4327d ago

than do it with a PS3 in the UK as rock band 1 STILL hasn't been released for it here!

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The story is too old to be commented.