Will GameStop go out of Business Soon? | Ask RGT 85

With the rise of online purchases, many large chain retailers are feeling the crunch and starting to go under. Video games are no exception, as in the US only one large chain remains: GameStop. But with the shift in gaming from physical to digital, are GameStop’s days numbered?

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Fist4achin905d ago

Truth be told, as much as Gamestop and their prices can suck with trades, they are still a great place you can get older, hard to find games. Sometimes I find some gems that I would never think to search for on the Internet. No other places offers a selection like theirs, except maybe Frys. Best Buy lately has had a poor stock and the games are just all over the place. Target doesn't carry too much in terms of new older selections. I don't even think Sears carries games anymore. I would hate to see gamestop go.

3-4-5905d ago

Unless you buy from ebay or amazon Gamestop is the best place to find older games.

You won't find most games at Best buy or Target or where ever...only the new ones.

Gamestop has games from years ago....last gen and the one before and it's convenient to walk in a grab a few used games for cheap.

Razputin905d ago

I don't like GameStop their practices are a bit fudged and since they own the market of being the solely major video game seller in the US it sucks.

But, they have said they've been preparing for the inevitable all digital future. Go into any one of their stores, half of it is now random merchandise you can purchase. And some carry some hefty price tags. They push all digital PC game now, and the 1-3 physical copies of PC games they do sell, you'll probably never see.