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360 Will Beat PS3 This Holiday - Analyst

If there's one console maker that should worry about Xbox 360's multi-model price cut, it's Sony, claims analyst Jesse Divnich with Electronic Entertainment Design and Research.

"Between Sony and Nintendo, Sony should be the most concerned about the 360's price cut," he told Edge on Thursday. "...Going into this holiday season, the PS3 will not only have the highest price point, but also the smallest software library, weaker line-up of exclusive titles (compared to Xbox 360's Gears of War 2 and Fable 2), and a less popular online network."

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Blog garbage
robbo9184360d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
My friend said the 360 already died, should I have him write an article to post on N4G? This is a pointless, lame, poorly written article based on some no name analyst. 0 fact, 100% flame bait.
SiLeNt KNighT4360d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Biased flame bait
firesoul874360d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
user94220774360d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
This is nothing but flame-bait
ThatCanadianGuy4360d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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solidjun54360d ago

so he named 2 and he says it's weaker...right?
Research people, RESEARCH!!!

Common Sense4360d ago

He means Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicle (In Japan), Bioshock, and Eternal Sonata, then he is delusional.

CrazzyMan4360d ago

1. Resistance 2 - FPS
2. Little Big Planet - Inovation
3. Socom Confrontation - TPS
4. Afrika - Relaxing
5. Valkyria Chronicles - TRPG
6. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift - Racing
7. Naruto: Ultimate Storm - Fighting/Adventure
8. Disgaea 3 - TRPG (good game)
9. Siren New Translation - Horror (good game)
10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - Platfrorm (good game)

1. Gears 2 - TPS
2. Fable 2 - RPG
3. Banjo Nuts and Bolts - Racing/Platform
4. Tales of Vesperia - JRPG (good game)
5. Infinite Undiscovery - JRPG (mediocre game)
6. Too Human - ARPG (mediocre/average game)
7. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Family
8. Naruto: Broken Bonds - Fighting/Adventure
9. Race Pro - Racing

Anyway, low price is always a good thing, BUT what the point of a price, if you won`t be able to play the game you anticipate.
Time will show. =)

kevnb4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

that was a good and fairly unbiased list.
@ common sense, Eternal Sonata is not only a poor game, but has been on the 360 for over a year already. Bioshock has also been available on the xbox 360 for a year now. Just replace those two games with Disgea 3 and Socom and we are on track.

Monchichi0254360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

This is the ultimate "DUHH" article.

Anybody with any brain knows the 360 will outsell the PS3 this holiday season with that price point. (Except if Sony counters with a pricecut of there own.)

But MS has finally reached that magigal $200 pricepoint. this is the price where systems now become an impulse buy compared to a luxury buy. Always has, always will.


Common Sense4360d ago

but it's still part of the PS3 line-up. You are right though, Socom would be a better substitute.

Eiffel4360d ago

CrazzyMan uhh you forgot to add Left 4 Dead to that list, so they are even.

St04360d ago

What about Wipeout HD. Little Big Planet and Wipeout HD are my most anticipated titles, then Motorstorm 2, Gears 2, Resistance 2 and the rest

BulletToothtony4360d ago

worldwide definitely not a chance...

I believe in the us a lot of 360 owners will buy a ps3 cause it "finally" has games... just like a lot of people couldn't resist buying a 360 for halo3 a lot of 360 owners are really looking to play R2 and Killzone2 and mgs4.. and please notice i said a lot not ALL!!

boodybandit4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )


Correct me if I am wrong but hasn't the 360 always been cheaper then the PS3?
This isn't a "DUH" article but a weak analyst that needs to do better reaserch. Please tell this analyst to explain to us why Sony has been out selling the 360 nearly every month for the past year at more expensive price point.

The gaming GOD4360d ago

Don't forget Wipeout comes out this year as well.

Fox014360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

The PS3 would sell like the Wii if it was $300 or cheaper...
what's sad is that even with this price cut the 360 won't sell that much, it'll only manage to maintain it's current rythm (sales will stop decreasing).

So I don't expect it to outsell PS3 this holiday; and if it does it would be by a margin of 5-20k at most.

GUNS N SWORDS4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

bioshock's on the 360/pc and eternal sonata is on the 360.

THEY DO NOT COUNT AS AN EXCLUSIVE LINE UP, the rest of your list is ok.



Correct me if I am wrong but hasn't the 360 always been cheaper then the PS3? "

true.....................but never cheaper than the Wii.

Silellak4360d ago

My console can beat up your console.

gaffyh4360d ago

I wish I was an analyst, it's like the easiest job ever. All you do is predict stuff (and be wrong most of the time) and get paid for it!

sak5004360d ago

For once i agree with an analyst.

Eddie201014360d ago

PS3 has always been more expensive than Xbox 360 Arcade and pro consoles and the PS3 still has outsold(By several thousand each month) the the Xbox 360 six out of seven months of this year and the one month it didn't the Xbox 360 only sold 900 more console than the PS3. From what I can tell the PS3 will have outsold the Xbox 360 in August as well and thats with the price reduction on the Xbox pro 20gig($299.95). The price cut for Europe didn't make much difference for the Xbox 360. Even with the Xbox 360 more than a year head start in Europe the PS3 and Xbox 360 are running neck and neck in the number of consoles sold.

With all the me too stuff and the price cut, just seems that Microsoft are a little desperate.

In my oppinion the PS3 80gig is a way better deal with its built Wi-Fi and Blu-Ray than any of the Xbox 360 models, and your guaranteed to have a hard drive with every unit. You can add hard drive(a overly priced hard drive) but then your not really saving any money and you still don't have the value that the PS3 has.

Bangladesh4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Some of you european(and N.A.)ps3 fans might as well get used to that idea. The ps3 is already too far behind, and it doesn't have the mindshare like 360 does here. And for good reason, I'm still waiting on those E3 2005 quality graphics to come out of the ps3, and the many other lofty claims(lies)sony made about "teh powah uf da Cell". The only thing keeping the ps3 afloat in N.A. is the ps2 and blu-ray movies.

Monchichi0254360d ago

I love it when Sony fans say MS is desperate when they discuss pricecuts! LOL

MS wasn't the one's who did pricecuts months after the system launched. Matter of fact, Sony had a price cut in Japan even before the system launched! LOL Now that was desperate!

mercyless94360d ago

xbox 360 and nintendo wii seem to be the competitors.. 200$ vs. 250$

BUT quality(all aspects) wise...

u know the answer

Bangladesh4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

The 360 is a better game machine than the ps3.

And that's coming from a ps3 owner. Atleast you gave trolling a shot though.

MazzingerZ4360d ago

...then MSFT is stupid as because the best gaming machine sells at any need for price cuts every 3 months.

the truth is that while current X360 owners must find excitement in HW sales and cut prices PS3 owners are excited games, about LBP ,R2, SOCOM, Killzone2, Infamous, God of War 3, new Team ICO game, Heavy Rain, etc, etc... I prefer Games than cur prices if you ask me....I already own one why should I care? doesn't even breaks so no need to plan a future purchase of a new PS3

Mr Bot4360d ago

2 exclusives r a lot and big line up for 360 owners considering they always get only one exclusive every winter holiday season!!

last year was mass effect and the year before it was gear 1 and now they get gears 2 and fable 2?? that a lot for them u know??

of course they dont know what is true big line up since they dont consider ps3 as a gaming machine but rather a blue ray player as MS told them!!!

its ok from now till the end of the year u will see many desperate article and other tries to put down ps3 but we all know the results!!

INehalemEXI4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

"The 360 is a better game machine than the ps3." <- opinion

RRoD+Xbox Live fees says hello. Overly expensive for less space HDD's ....

The 360 is an Older game machine than the ps3 that has a history of faulty hardware unlike the PS3. <- fact

I do not think a 199 price drop is desperation its just about that time for the 360.

The 360 has some pro's over the PS3 and vice versa. The 360 has been showing its age IMO though. No 08 360 exclusive game yet has amazed me while PS3 has had MGS4 (many say it be one of the best games ever made). Honestly 360 is lucky that a few very nice PS3 games slipped into early 09. ie. KZ2,inFamous etc. Its anyones game. Then again maybe its not lucky because 09 is looking like a rough year for the ol boX.

No console bundle is more attractive then this -> As long as $$$ is no object.

season0074360d ago

Xbox360 will outsell PS3 this Christmas IF..there is no price cut for PS3, which i doubt...I think with current PS3 momentum it is not necessary for them to cut the price. That being sad, cutting the price however is a great weapon to deal a critical hit to its enemies... but it is not really needed now, at a time way earlier than the really important Christmas...

Price cut will come for Sony as well, and this so-called advantage in price difference(well feature wise i don't see any advantage really...but OK ..we are talking about just the PRICE..) will be once again be eliminated..However, the advantage that PS3 itself has gotten into a lower price will bring more potential owners to buy PS3..

Well, i am no analyst, but i predict that PS3 will beat 360 this holiday

lowcarb4360d ago

You forgot to add Left 4 dead and XnA titles which have yet to release this year. All and all though 360 just appears to have the stronger lineup and should domintae in software sales as well.

theKiller4360d ago

or shall i say bloodmask?? any way why use metacritic?? u wanna use it for disgaea 3(7.8) and infinite undiscovery(6.9)??

metacritic wont help 360 sales!! no one check that site except the fanboys and hardcore gamers!! and they know all know the 360 is causing smoke in house, heater, dangerous for kids, life threatening, DVD games, ps2 JRPG's, no HD player etc so ur attempt have failed!!

360 will sell less than last year and ps3 will sell 2-3 times more than last year that the truth!!

and u dont own a ps3 because u hate it and u r a u know who u r!! bloodmask!!

Kaneda4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

@ your 1.18 post

Sorry, but M$ didn't had any competition almost a year later.. Look what happened to them now.. tried to cut prices in order to compete this X-mas. Competition is good consumers..

fear884360d ago

I will bet my 360 launch preorder security deposit of $700 that the PS3 will outsell the 360 this fall. Do I have any takers,

Seriously, I mean it.

Bangladesh4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

F**k Yeah!!! I'll take you up on that bet. : )

Anymore Ps3 fanboys want to get in the pot? But let's make the bet, if the 360 outsells the ps3 this Christmas then the losers (which will be you ps3 fanboys), have to take themselves and their 10-100 multiple accounts and get the f**k off N4G forever.

fear884360d ago

Just PM me for the details.

Bangladesh4360d ago

Let me make something clear to everyone. Someone owning both a 360 & ps3, doesn't make them a ps3 fanboy. I literally don't know ANYONE that owns both, and does more gaming on the ps3. Not saying that some people don't, but they are certainly a rarity.

uie4rhig4360d ago

It's official!! every console this generation has been put in the first, second and last place according to analysts!! i wish they'd just stfu!! then we would have less fanboyism...

*prepares a lot of fanboys to attack, and disagree with me*
i wonder if the fanboys (i mean like proper fanboys that'll always be like "OMG UR CONSOLE IS GAAY AND MINE IS AWESOME") see fanboyism as a real religion lol.. imagine them praying in front of their console lol xD

theKiller4360d ago

there is nothing wrong to play with a weak and life threatening console but the problem that u HATE the ps3 and ps3 fans/fanboys so how is it possible that u still have a ps3? why dont u just give it for charity to some poor boy and enjoy ur system if u HATE the ps3 that much??

beside u r bloodmask, we all know who is bloodmask!!

when u have games like uncharted and MGS4, heavenly sword, warhawk it is not possible to not enjoy with ps3 as much as 360 specially in 2008!! if u tell me 360 is more fun to play with in 2007 i will agree with u but now?? with MGS4 is out? and uncharted is out?? and the new triple A games few weeks ahead!!

trust me, u will lose if u stick to ur side!! but please dont run away and be a man and stay here in n4g after the new year!!
theMart escaped and only shows up rarely compared to last year!

4360d ago
fear884360d ago

Are you going to have some balls and commit or what?

lowcarb4360d ago

Fear88,you can add me into that bet also so pm me as well with info on my check after the holiday.

cmbre, I would have to say 360 because of the price point and type of games which just stand out better then what PS3 is offering. LBP has yet to prove itself, socom looks average at best, RFOM2 will be drowned out be Gears2 and the much more impressive L4D which means that ps2 owners will be jumping to 360 like crazy this holiday. Also don't under estimate the Banjo effect which will be a hit for only 39.99.

VF34EJ254360d ago

yeah I don't get why some of these so called "both console owners" really really hate one console over the other. I like both my systems for their own merits and their own games. Granted I'm more attached to the PS3 more but not by much. It still doesn't play Gears of War and the tons of RPGs.

This generation is by far the most interesting, because now you cant simply own one console and enjoy all the games and different genres. Unfortunately it's the most expensive one. But true both console owners will like each system for what they offer.

Unlike bangaledesh who obviously hates the PS3 and will go into anti-PS3 into every single N4G article. If he really does have a PS3, like Killer said. Donate the thing to charity or just sell it and buy another 360. Do something.

If you don't own both, stop faking like you do.

DaTruth4360d ago

Who won last holiday season?
I thought so!!!
remember no games, high pricepoint and still won hands down. Xbox has not won since in any region and this year ps3 has the momentum.
This article is a joke!

JD_Shadow4360d ago

....I'm not going to go on that bet because I know that Bangladesh will try to look for any chart that states that the 360 did exactly what he wanted it to do (such as VG Chartz) and weasel his way to a winning of the bet.

That and I don't agree with his "you must leave the site forever" because that would mean, to him:

1. Anyone that disagrees with his logic.
2. Anyone who says something that HURTS his logic.

That and...why are you and your kind complaining about PS3 fanboys using multiple accounts (as if they do to begin with)? You X360 fanboys have certainly INVENTED that concept.

fear884360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Someone made a bet for $900 that I accepted. I will keep a blog to let you know the details of the agreed upon bet (once I figure out how to have a user blog).

ReBurn4360d ago

That bundle was so attractive that nobody bought it. Are you sure that attractive is the right word?

gaffyh4359d ago

@Bangladesh - I own both a PS3 and 360 and I play my PS3 a lot more.

AAACE54359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

I read Game Informer and respect them for not being biased. They listed their top 25 games of E3, so I will list them as shown in their september 2008 issue...(Note - They only picked games that were in playable form)

Also keep in mind... They actually got to play these games, and aren't judging them based on blind fanboyism!

1. Left 4 Dead - 360,PC
2. Gears of War 2 - 360
3. Fallout 3 - Multi
4. RE 5 - Multi
5. Guitar Hero: World tour - Multi
6. Fable 2 - 360
7. Prince of Persia - Multi
8. LittleBigPlanet - Ps3
9. End War - Multi
10. Rock Band 2 - Multi
11. Far Cry 2 - Multi
12. Bayonetta - Multi
13. Dragon Age - PC
14. Halo Wars - 360
15. Dead space - Multi
16. SW: Force unleashed - Multi
17. Spore - PC
18. Heavy Rain: Origami killer - PS3
19. Mirror's Edge - Multi
20. Banjo: Nuts & bolts
21. Resistance 2 - PS3
22. CoD: World at war - Multi
23. Street fighter 4 - Multi
24. Borderlands - Multi
25. Killzone 2 - PS3

I did this to show you guys that game systems aren't just about exclusives. We will have alot to choose from this year. There are great titles that are on multiple platforms. If you refuse to buy a game just cause it's not exclusive to a particular platform (even though it's a great game) you need to re-evaluate your priorities as a gamer!

Please enjoy all these great games! Cause if we (THE GAMERS) don't support them... next thing you know we may not have a Halo, Killzone, Assassin's creed, etc. Cause nintendo will have everyone thinking that casual is what gamers want!

I don't care which system you own... Just buy some [email protected] games!

Time_Is_On_My_Side4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

I can just see it now, parents buying the $199.99 model and finding out their kid needs more than what comes in the box. In the end you realize it's the same price as the others.

CAN Prices

XBOX Live: $59.99
Play & Charge Kit/Quick Charg Kit: $29.99/$39.99
HDMI Cable: ? (Varies)
Hard Drive: 20GB/120GB: $129.99/$199.99

Total: $219.97/$299.97 (Without Tax)
With Tax: $252.97/$344.97 (Taxes changed so I just used 15%)

Lure Costs: $299.99 + $219.97 / $344.97 = ? (your choice)

The expensive route and the cheapest route excluding the HDMI cable for the basics. There is a drop in hard drive as well, but don't know the price. At least with the higher priced models you can actually use what you have for the meantime.

The Lazy One4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

The strongest lineup this holiday is the multi platform lineup. The 360 60gb pro is still going to be $100 cheaper than the PS3, and it will play all the multi platform titles in equal quality. When a parent goes to walmart and sees a console for $100 less that can play about 75% of the good games the other console has, they won't care much about the exclusives. It's got madden? It's got Rockband? Guitar Hero? Star Wars? SOLD!

Whether you like to think so or not, there is a lot of appeal for a $200 price point, regardless of the features it comes with. Any console would sell well at that price point this gen. The biggest thing M$ has to worry about for sales (in NA at least) is making sure they have enough consoles to meet demand.

edit @below VVVV

a lot of PS2 owners barely even know about any of the exclusives. They had the casual market last gen, and they'd be happy with any game. Exclusive or not. They just want something that plays games. Not something that plays playstation games.

also, how did you get 3 agrees before I even posted my original comment?

Time_Is_On_My_Side4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

I meant to put the price of the console $199.99 not $299.99 either way you're going to need those accessories when you buy that model. This appplies to the hardcore to the casual gamers especially when people boost about the XBOX Live.

mercyless94359d ago

its not just about gaming my friend....

Before making a purchase people consider bluray capabilities that the ps3 offers. i can go on & on....

and dont even get me started on gaming... check the exclusives list

ps3 is the way to go this holiday season.

Beast_Master4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

It is funny that people actually think mothers are going to by a 360 over a wii because it is cheaper. No sorry if that where true then the 360 would be selling better now. It is clear that it is better graphically, but the Wii is more of a comfortable buy for parents because every other game doesn't have that M on them like the 360 games.

I think people really underestimate the intelligence of the consumer. The 360 should have kicked the crap out of the PS3 and the Wii because of its library of games alone + it's cheaper, but it didn't. We all know why, RROD and Live subscription fees that is it. That is why it will never overtake the price-point of the Wii and consumers will still buy the PS3 over the 360 at a higher price. $200.00 is still considered a major purchase in this country and many others.

Look at any low end electronics product that has a poor reliability rating, and see if it was still the #1 selling brand in its division. It has never happened and case and point the auto industry. Never has a low-end automobile been #1 with reliebility issues ask KIA! In the last 20 years I should say since consumer reports became popular.

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juuken4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )



WHAT DA F*CK HAS THAT ANALyst been smoking?!

Microsoft couldn't even beat Sony with their first pricecut!

Mr_Bun4360d ago

He's been smoking the same thing as Patcher!

Kleptic4360d ago

yeah seriously...laugh out Gears 2 and fable 2(?!)...

we'll see...

chrisnick4360d ago

THIS GUY IS INSANE!!!! WHAT SANE PERSON WOULD COMPARE 2 EXCLUSIVES TO ABOUT ......WAIT.....ms2,lbp,socom,r 2,&naruto........he's article please.

I_am_a_gangsta4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

LOL looks at you! Sony Defence Force! LMAO. You sound like you got a heart attack.

sONY will looooooosesseseeeee.

QueefyB_Angelitos4360d ago

He been smoking the xbox 360 cigar flavor.

NipGrip4360d ago

GEARS 2 AND .. AND.. FABLE 2!?! Holy crap I can't catch my breath that is so hilarious. Ok ok.. Buy up that hype 360 owners and uh.. merry Christmas!! hahahahahahahhaha... gears2.. hahahahahaha

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4360d ago

...They are using the xBox 360 for Hollywood special effects...
i.e For real life SMOKE effects!!! ;-D

All i say is M$ DON'T **** WITH SACK-BOY!!! ;-D

To Come this year -


Resistance 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P

MotorStorm 2:Pacific Rift ONLY on PS3 ;-P

WipeOut HD ONLY on PS3 ;-P

SOCOM: Confrontation ONLY on PS3 ;-P



It don't look like a weaker Line-up to me!!!;)

Kenny_Roger4360d ago

Pure Bull$hit

I feel sorry for this girl. she lives a miserable life with her lonely friend the PS3.

sad story from a sad person Like Juuken . don't worry girl one day you will feel the awesomeness of the 360

Dyingduck4360d ago

This is a flame bait article.

We all know the facts.

Sony beats Crapbox360 last year (by 1.5 millions UNITS + Holidays) with virtually zero AAA exclusives and higher price.

This year, SONY virtually owns all the AAA exclusives

Enough said.

Kenny_Roger4360d ago

this is not a flamebait , this is a fact

many AAA titles coming this year to the 360


theKiller4360d ago

with the new price cut but it depends on how ps3 deliver its exclusives!! if they will advertise their exclusives or not!!

and when i said that 360 could be on the level of ps3 i meant in USA!! of course in the world the ps3 will rape 360 and make it pregnant!!!

but any way i wish the 360 to have some success with its price cut so it motivates sony to follow!! competition is healthy for us the gamers!!

Pain4360d ago

what do u think Moms will Buy?

Another payed by M$ Analyst...hope it was a Big Check.

Mr Bot4360d ago

we the bots think the less exclusives we have the bigger line-up we have and stronger library, u see u droids think we lost because we have less exclusives but the fact is we won since we have less exclusives!!

less exclusives = higher quality games(at leas thats what MS told us and we believe them)

so of course ps3 have weaker line-up for this holiday season!

1. Resistance 2 - FPS
2. Little Big Planet - Inovation
3. Socom Confrontation - TPS
4. Afrika - Relaxing
5. Valkyria Chronicles - TRPG
6. Motorstorm:Pacific Rift - Racing
7. Naruto: Ultimate Storm - Fighting/Adventure
8. Disgaea 3 - TRPG (good game)
9. Siren New Translation - Horror (good game)
10. Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty - Platfrorm (good game)
11. metal gear solid 4 (action/adventure/stealth/game of century)
12. the agency (action)
13. FF13 japan release and exclusive (JRPG)


1. Gears 2 - TPS
2. Fable 2 - RPG
3. Banjo Nuts and Bolts - Racing/Platform
4. Tales of Vesperia - JRPG (good game)
5. Infinite Undiscovery - JRPG (mediocre game)
6. Too Human - ARPG (mediocre/average game)
7. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - Family
8. Naruto: Broken Bonds - Fighting/Adventure
9. Race Pro - Racing

u see we have 9 and ps3 have 13 so we win and we have stronger line up!! 9>13 in our xbot dictionary, at least that how MS told us!

so we win ps3 droids losers!!

bots > droids

AngryXbot4360d ago

The PS3 is going to surpass the 360 this fiscal year. Nothing these stupid xbots can do about it.

Dont listen to these dumbass "analysts". They dont really know whats going on inside the gaming industry.

PS3 has the better line up that is more in line with the semi casual semi hardcore gamers. A line up that is also not unnoticed by the casual gamers. PS3 has the backup of the bigger franchises this holiday season.

Conclusion: PS3 is in a better position than the crap60.

Homicide4360d ago

PS3 is gonna own the 360.

juuken4360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

Why...hello REDZEV.

Ran out of bubbles I see? are those multiple accounts working out for you?

You poor insecure little child.

Do you *think* that Microsoft will beat Sony this holiday season with a weak ass lineup like that?

It's pathetic how you insult me but I simply shrug it off because you are a loser.

I'm having loads of fun with my PS3-been playing *games*, since you 360 fanbabies love saying that the PS3 has no games.

Tell me, does insulting me make you feel like a man?

Because seriously, you're not a man at all. :]

Many AAA titles?

Like what dear?

Please list them.


Or are you too much of a f*cking coward to do so?

Thaaaaat's right. You slam the disagree button! Man, bots are really awesome these days. They have to resort to insults because their console is dying a quick death!

lolololololololololololololol ololololllllllllllllllllllllll l llllllz!

This ANALyst probably felt sorry for you guys and decided to write up this imaginary prediction.

Microsoft is desperate as hell with them pricecuts. I mean...five pricecuts in a row?!

You better pray to your gaming gods that the 360 sells like the Nintendo Wii!


KBDuB: Lolllllz, can't list them AAA titles can ya? Resorting to insulting me again? Boy, I'm as calm as ever because I know this ANALyst is full of it.

KBDuB4360d ago


"Many AAA titles?

Like what dear?

Please list them.


Or are you too much of a f*cking coward to do so?" What the FCK you talking about!? Lol! Calm down, little girl!

"You poor insecure little child." You the only one acting like a
poor insecure little child..

4360d ago
cmrbe4360d ago

Between Fable 2, Gears 2, Banjo for x360 and SOCOM,LBP,MS2 Resistance 2 for PS3. Which set of exclusive will.

1. Get the majority of PS2 owners attention.
2. Which will appeal to the broadest audience?.
3. Which will offer something new?

When we talk about console sales we are mostly talking about new PS3 or new x360 console owners.

In other words. Which set of exclusive is set attract more last gen and new gamers this gen?