PS4 Exclusive Gran Turismo Sport: Enjoy 30 Minutes of New (and a Little Painful) Gameplay

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment hosted a stage event at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, showcasing about 30 minutes of Gran Turismo Sport gameplay.

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YinYangGaming1876d ago

It really doesn't look too good graphically

DarXyde1876d ago

It doesn't too bad either though, my glass-half-empty friend.

Cutting edge visuals would definitely help with the sense of immersion, but I'm very okay with a gradual progression to photorealism. I'm definitely not ready for something like, say, a fully immersive Amnesia just yet.

YinYangGaming1876d ago

Lol what? I'm just saying the video doesn't look too good. Partly because of the upload quality and partly I'm assuming because of the games graphical fidelity

Ashlen1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

The video is only 720p

Aloy-Boyfriend1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

For 60 fps it does look great. Sadly Driveclub got criticised for having mindblowing graphics at 30 fps. Interesting how GT Sport is being criticized for doing the opposite. Hopefully Neo bumps it even further.

Deadpooled1875d ago

60fps in the recording above? I thought I saw constant frame skipping.

-Foxtrot1876d ago

Looks alright but I think they should stop saying "this technically is GT7" because honestly the odd number games are supposed to push the games forward and look much different...however this doesn't sorry to say.

GT1 - First Game
GT2 - Improved GT1
GT3 - Third Game
GT4 - Improved GT3
GT5 - Fifth Game
GT6 - Improved GT5

And so on

Movefasta19931876d ago

Why apologize?It has less cars than gt6 and they removed dynamic weather night/day.The car sounds still suck.It's clearly not gt7.

-Foxtrot1876d ago

I honestly think they called it "Sport" so it wouldn't look like another Prologue and people wouldn't wait for the full on GT7.

Basically if this is GT7 then it's GT7 Prologue

Aloy-Boyfriend1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

It's mostly an online game. Having dynamic weather would mess things up when matchmaking. That was the reason Driveclub didn't have it, and we didn't miss it.

Deadpooled1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Gave you a disagree vote by mistake. Again in the recording above it's clear that the other cars are going in a procession (did the developers suddenly watch the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Baku 2016 race after around lap 35 and decided to keep their AI racing like that?). The sounds are still terrible despite having one of Forza's former sound engineers over to Polyphony. Looks like this was supposed to be a VR game initially (Great looking VR game, but not so much on TV).

If there is one "improvement" I can see from the video recording it would be the directional pointer on track being a simple green arrow on corners designating the racing line, which is much better and nowhere near as annoying compared to the constant arrows on the ground now adopted by most racing games which change colour and take up most of the tarmac.

Dee_911875d ago

The only disappointments I have is the sounds and AI. The graphics are great, especially compared to gt6 and considering it's an online based game.
I'm not sure what you were expecting with the forza sound engineer, forza sounds aren't great either ( he worked on forza 1-3 and those sounds were pretty crappy too). I wasn't expecting completely robust sounds, but I was hoping they would put their heads together and come up with something better than this. It's still a monotone droning sound.

Dee_911875d ago

Who is "they"? People who took Kaz's comment completely out of context? I agree, they should stop calling it technically gt7.
"They" called it Sport because this Gran Turismo is focused around esports, and FIA online championships. Your reasoning for them not calling it prologue makes little to no sense. The last prologue sold well, and was well received. They have no reason for not wanting to make another prologue. This isn't called a prologue, because it's not a prologue.

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tmisellati1875d ago

i am still not fully impressed
PD has to work harder i guess

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