New Star Trek Online Outfit Prices Shock Players

Some new listings for Star Trek Online outfit prices cause players to go in to shock, with several clothing boxes asking for seven figures in endgame currency.

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Ashlen1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I'm not defending the prices exactly. But first off the limit per character per day is 8000 not 450. You can easily make 8000 in less than 30 mins and do it on up to 50 characters per day (not that many people do it on that many but 5-10 or so isn't at all uncommon). And secondly, if you know the game, people have been asking for dilithium sinks to lower the zen to dilithuim ratio. Now I will agree if you were to actually try to buy that with cash it's pretty outrageous.

JunkieJedi1875d ago

30 minutes each on 50 characters daily....if only there were more hours in a day!

Ashlen1875d ago

Well there are other ways to get it basically instantly. And you can have more than 8000 in reserve so you can just log in click a button and get your 8000 you previously earned. I doubt there are many people who have 50 characters much less refine on them all. But I'm just pointing out that while that number seems like a huge amount there are players for which this is not in anyway unobtainable.

donwel1875d ago

I haven't played this game in ages. How is it these days?

Ashlen1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Well I want to be clear when I made my first post I wasn't trying to sell the game or get anyone to join. I was only trying to put perspective on the article since it seemed to be written by someone with very little knowledge of the game.

But that said, they have continually added new story episodes and multi-player queues as well as game play elements. Just a few weeks ago they added the third expansion Agents of Yesterday which allows you to create a new character that starts in the Original Series time period. And for a few weeks more you can create a Temporal Agent which allows you to earn some really good account wide unlocks for meeting milestones in game play elements as you level up and continue into post game.