Pokemon GO 0.31.0 Released Changelog contains many improvements

Pokemon Go just received another big update. The new update is Pokemon go 0.31.0 and it contains some big fixes, improvements and a lot more.

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luckytrouble1883d ago

"Removed footprints for nearby Pokemon" - I stopped Pokehunting actively literally exclusively because the foot tracker broke. If it's straight up gone now, I guess I'm done with the game.

Immorals1883d ago

It's until they upgrade their hamster powered servers.

Missed a snorlax because of it :(

Blade15871883d ago

They probably just removed it since until its fixed it only serves as a constant reminder that the mechanic is broken

Intentions1883d ago

The footprints stopped working after launch, so they got rid of it in this update. It still shows nearby pokemon but since the footprints always showed 3 steps they just got rid of that.

luckytrouble1883d ago

I'm aware that it stopped working, and it actually worked for about the first week, stopped working moving into the second week, and now it is just gone. Tracking Pokemon isn't even a little bit fun when you're just blindly wandering around neighborhoods and cities hoping that you are actually getting closer to the Pokemon and that the tracker hasn't just lagged behind again, or that the game hasn't just randomly inserted another Pidgey or three right next to you, making it seem like you're getting further away from what you're actually hunting.

Of course, there are third party trackers that are at least sort of okay and will get you in the vicinity of whatever they say should be nearby around half of the time, but in the end, the footprints were the only reliable way to track anything. Without being able to properly track, it is a monumental waste of time trying to actually find anything. I speak from experience, having killed an entire hour trying to hunt for Electabuzz at a common spawning site. It sucked. It wasn't fun. It was work at that point. When a game becomes work, it becomes trash.

RosweeSon1883d ago

And the power saving mode has also been removed

Yobo51882d ago

I find this update interesting, after the CEO mentioned removing sites like Pokevision in the future, imagine losing pokevision and any indicator (footprints) as to where pokemon are, app would nose dive in users. Hopefully they bring back the footprints and just make it more reliable, personally like pokevision better than footprints(whether they fix it or not), it's just more useful.

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FinalFantasyFanatic1883d ago

Well some of those changes kinda suck, I hope they nerfed Vaporeon slightly (it was way over powered). I never had much luck with the foot print tracker anyway, but I was hoping it'd get fixed.

thejigisup1883d ago

that is undoubtedly the worst website ever, next to meatspin.

Avalanche1883d ago

i dont like the way to moved the transfer button, and how i constantly get hints like "Dont walk in dangerous areas" and how everything seems to be slower. like when u encounter a pokemon it adds a couple more seconds to say "You encountered" "It broke free" etc...

BlackDoomAx1883d ago

Can't play without gps anymore, it sucks...