Sea of Thieves Is So Immersive That You Might Lose Track of Time While Playing, Like RDR, Says Dev

Rare's Joe Neate compared Sea of Thieves to Red Dead Redemption in that the game is so immersive that you might lose track of time while playing it.

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Festano1883d ago

This is perhaps my most anticipated game overall. Just Rare at its finest.

Please take your time

Aurenar1883d ago

I'm absolutely agree. I'm so curious to try it. It's a great game!

Kingthrash3601883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Rare has put out some iconic games.
I wouldn't say this is them at their best.
Well maybe, this isn't the same rare devs the made those iconic games. So in a way, you are right. The RDR comparison also I have to wait and see.

Alexious1883d ago

Kudo Tsunoda said this will be the best game Rare ever made.

Kingthrash3601883d ago

Just like ms said at the beginning of the year that this year will have the best Xbox exclusive line up ever.
You can never belive the seller

christocolus1883d ago

Agreed. I can't wait to play SoT.

Gazondaily1883d ago

This looks like great fun. I can't wait.

Lol at the disagrees 😂 #haters

1883d ago
lxeasy1883d ago

This wasn't on my radar until E3 of this year. I was very impressed by this game

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KaiPow1883d ago

This and Scalebound will be reason enough to finally pick up an Xbone S.

Alexious1883d ago

I'm going to play them on PC. Thanks Microsoft for bringing all of your games over to Windows!

MatrixxGT1883d ago

I thank MS as well so now I have more people to play with on XBL like you!

LavaLampGoo1883d ago

Absolutely loved the look of this game. Just a fun premise and it looks like it'll be a great game to play with friends! I can imagine losing days to the pretty water and epic ship battles

1883d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.