Lost Soul Aside is a fantasy action game created by a single person, gets first gameplay trailer

Yang Bing has released the first gameplay trailer for his upcoming fantasy action game, Lost Souls Aside. Lost Soul Aside is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and Yang has been working on this for two years.

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Mr-Dude1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Impressive if this is made by one person. Big Devil May Cry vibe. On Twitter he said he used a lot of assets so...

This trailer is enough for a kickstarter.

Maybay1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

It's incredible when you compare this to Final Fantasy XV. No disrespect to Square Enix, though this game showcases the unnecessary bloat that the gaming industry has adapted to.

trywizardo1883d ago

that was bloody good,I want this *_*

TwoForce1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Holy crap ! The combat is so good.

If this game is created by one person, I would be damn. And also, I hope this game success because this person need more people to help.

DiscoMan1883d ago

Two years? Guy is dedicated and has a lot of talent.

Kalebninja1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Unfortunate this isnt getting much attention here, this looks absolutely fantastic.

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