Diablo 4 Rumors and Release Date

Hype hype hype!!! Diablo fans brace yourself, Diablo 4 is coming. It feels like ages since we’ve been playing the Reaper of Souls and while we were anticipating a new expansion for the game, Blizzard is however, giving hints of something far bigger. Last Blizzcon was the time we there were some announcements about a possibility but this year’s Blizzcon comes up with a new surprise. Blizzcon 2016’s goody bag received by many streamers and content creators give a hint towards the RPG’s next installment Diablo 4.

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ShadowKnight1434d ago

Looking forward to the next one

1433d ago
XanderZane1433d ago

Yeah me too, even though I still haven't finished Diablo 3 yet. The game is excellent though. I wish they would do another WarCraft game that's not MMO.

CorndogBurglar1433d ago

I'm totally with you on this one. I've never played WoW (although this month's Loot Crate comes with a free digital download of WoW plus all current expansions, so i may give it a try).

The oldschool RTS Warcraft games were some of my favorites.

1349d ago
peewee110161434d ago


Bahamut1433d ago

Calm the fuck down, we probably won't be seeing a new Diablo game for at least 5 years, so just chill.

CorndogBurglar1433d ago

This is probably true lol.

Even after they officially announced Diable 3 and Starcraft 2 it took damn near 5 years before they actually released.

But its Blizzard and as far as I'm concerned they release some of the highest quality games in the industry, so I'm fine with that.

Naughty_Cloud1433d ago

Loved every single Diablo game till now. Can't wait for 4.

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Count_Bakula1433d ago

No thank you if the artists and designers can't alter their styles from game to game. Diablo 3 has the same cartoon style as WoW. Diablo 4 should look like PoE, Dawn, ect. If not, they can suffer eternal torment.

Duoma1433d ago

Agreed. Get rid of the goofy WoW aesthetic and put back in skill trees and we can talk.

Relientk771434d ago

Omg please be true, huge Diablo fan

Would love to see a 4th installment

CorndogBurglar1433d ago

I would love to see them go back to all characters having a basic melee attack that isn't a "spell" type attack.

Gardenia1433d ago

I bought Diablo 3 for the PS4 with no expectations, but man I had a good time with that game. They made it work great for consoles. I even got Platinum which wasn't my goal from the start

rebeljoe141434d ago

How many damn times do we need to kill satan or rather Diablo to stop him for good geez

rousseau881433d ago

Never unless they find a way to destroy their souls

Bahamut1433d ago

I just hope they completely disregard Diablo 3's story and create a better sequel to 2.

Dark_Knightmare21433d ago

Lol Diablo 3 was more than a worthy follow up to 2 especially the game has it is nowadays

Bahamut1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )


I can't argue against the game being good in its current state. But it was a nightmare at launch, didn't improve much for two years, then even after all of the patches and its expansion, it still pales in comparison to its predecessor. Now I'm not saying its a bad game, its actually quite fun, especially with friends... but it is NOT Diablo 2. That game was fucking magical.

Naughty_Cloud1433d ago

Personally I liked D3 as much as D2.

CorndogBurglar1433d ago

I never played these games for the story.

But Diablo 3 was fine. Sure it wasn't D2, but it was still tons of fun once they got their crap together and got rid of the stupid auction house.

JackStraw1433d ago

It's annoying when pseudogamers say shit like this. I'm genuinely convinced people don't honestly hold these opinons, they just repeat them because it's the "cool" opinion to have.

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Kombatologist1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Maybe we've been doing it all wrong by killing him with weapons and magic. Perhaps we should try killing him with kindness next time around.

rebeljoe141433d ago

watch it actually works now Blizzard has to go and perform some more satanist rituals to revive his evil

tanukisuit1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Please be darker in story/lore-wise like D1 and D2. Like seriously, make me question my sanity!
Also (this may be subjective) but, I'd like to be able to allocate my stats again.

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