Sony just schooled Nintendo on the value of gaming

It's nice to see there's at least one Japanese company that can monetise consumers' desire to play games.

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Another article that didn't say much. I could say, well, um, actually Nintendo has very much been doing that for 30+ years in the video games business. As we have seen companies come and go, they are still here. Regardless of the performance of the Wii U, the company is rock solid as always. 10 billion (USD) in the coffers and around 5 billion in more liquid assets. Nintendo is perfectly sound and will be for the foreseeable future.

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People complain that they want Nintendo to make mobile games, then when they do, they complain again. There definately is a bias on this site, especially when you can see the headlines of some of these articles that get approved.

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"Sony has been counting the cash on its long-standing portfolio of games and games consoles." Wiiu's top 5 selling games all sold more than the best selling playstation 4 exclusive with less than half the install base...
Sony's Money comes from third party and charging people to play online.

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With no third party games and few releases on Wiiu that wouldnt surprise me lol they have no competition on their console, thats nothing to brag about, its actually the oppossite. By the way those five top selling which include Mario kart 8 and super mario world came out years ago and Uncharted 4 is set to overtake most of them by next year lol. Tlou Remastered has sold close to 5 million, Uncharted 4 well over 3 million, Bloodborne close or over 3 million, infamous and killzone 2 or more million and so many other games killing it in the software front for Sony whether it be first party or third party. Idk what your talking about but sales show Sony is raking in the dough from software sales as well. Yes ps plus and console sales contribute alot but please dont discount their software sales which is a driving force in all the npd and software sale charts.

I dont see what you have proven? You insinuated Sony software and exclusive ips arent a major profit factor for Sony and your completely wrong. Furthermore idc what major release would have come out during UC4 release Nintendo or not it wouldnt have touched it. Will be same way when GT releases which usually is a mega beast besides last release. Again with Wiiu those titles didnt have competition on their console because games have been far and few with many dry spells, on the other hand Sony games contend with tons Of third parties, other games and still sell good and make profit. Sony software is killing it on all fronts.

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"but please dont discount their software sales which is a driving force in all the npd and software sale charts"
Unless a major Nintendo game is releasing that week.

My point still stands to prove the article wrong. What about those 3ds games too, The article says "Nintendo" not "Wiiu". Uncharted will never pass Pokemon or Animal crossing in sales, i doubt it will pass Mario and Mario kart like you suggested. Also if we are talking about One game's sales over two platforms like TLOU, then expect the gap to get Wider once the NX releases and probably has Smash bros NX. Third party competition is no excuse, It's Sony's fault for not advertising their games. Or are you telling me that Watch dogs is better than uncharted 4? so much so that it sold 3x what UC4 did?

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Sony has more 3rd party friends than snubby Ninty

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