Sudden Attack 2 – Nexon announces game closure 3 months after launch

As the successor to the most popular online shooter in South Korea, Sudden Attack, high hopes were placed on Sudden Attack 2. However, Nexon today announced it is shutting down the game on 29 September, just a little less than 3 months after launching.

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DiscoMan1884d ago

Having to remove female characters pretty much spelled the doom of the game. I imagine many people played for that reason alone...

Kalebninja1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Really? You honestly think that? Considering the article says the original game was South Korea's most popular online shooter there's not a chance it was that popular because of female character options or that just 2 characters were the incentive for players of the original to play the sequel, mind you they never actually removed them, they only planned to so no, that didn't affect the game.

1883d ago
opinionated1883d ago

So the whole SJW outrage thing was indeed a publicity stunt? Sad.

MagicBeanz1883d ago

Backlash for the complaints.