GameStop Will Let You Trade-up Your Old PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS for an Xbox One S

If you want a brand new Xbox One S when it releases on August 2nd, GameStop is offering a trade-up program involving your old systems.

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gangsta_red1882d ago

If I can get 200 bux for my old Xbox One then I might get the X1s.

Abriael1882d ago

Only up to 150 for Xbox Ones, it seems.

gangsta_red1882d ago

Just saw this on a reddit forum, hopefully it's true.

Chevalier1882d ago

Not sure why this is even news. The trade up promotion has been running consistently for over a year now.

bloop1882d ago

I wonder how much I'd get for trading my day one 20gb 360. Ha!!! €5???

Ashunderfire861882d ago

I just trade in my Halo 5 Limited Edition Xbox One 1tb an I only get $130 dollars for it. So I had to trade in 5 games I don't really play anymore to get $210 dollars. This so call Trade in promotion is not a good deal, at least GameStop is always available when you want to trade for them to get credit or cash. The only other better alternative is EBay and selling apps, but do too some BS policy violation I can't sell games on EBay(still can sell other things though). For selling apps like Gameflip, Let Go, and 5 miles, I can't even get someone to buy my Xbox One for $200 dollars with Halo 5! Everyone on those selling apps are just a bunch of lowballers,offering me $100 to $150 dollars! What is the difference? These are the same people who complain about GameStop ripping them off for less money, yet they are asking to pay less on selling apps that was suppose to compete with GameStop!

MatrixxGT1882d ago

True. Yes if you feel GameStop rips you off then just don't go there. What GameStop does provide is a guaranteed sale most of the time. If I put my ps4 up for sale I doubt I would get many offers over 200 much less in a limited time frame. Sure I could wait a week or so and see if someone bites. Still once you have to risk meeting up with someone and setting a time then they lowball you again or they just back out of existence when you've already planned your day. It's frustrating.

And EBay could get you more money possibly if the highest bidder actually pays on time. Then you have to package it and ship it. Sometimes you still have to wait days after buyer sends payment.

Basically GameStop is a hassle free way to sell and buy used games. Does their trade values and used game prices suck? Sure, but if I was looking to sell one of my ps4s realistically I could see getting a solid buyer at $200 after dealing with low ballers, half ass interests, hoping someone comes through, having to meet people late at night because I work 14hrs a day and have no time during the day.

Testfire1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

@MatrixxGT, with the whole Craigslist and the like, I agree. Too many lowballers and flakes. I buy from there, but rarely sell because of this issue.

As for Ebay, I sell quite a bit on there. Just a tip, never do auctions for popular items. Not only do you have to deal with slow/non payers, but many times you get less than what you want and reserves tend to turn off bidders. I always sell with the "buy it now" option with immediate payment required and never have issues.

On a side note, I always find it ironic when people on Craigslist won't drop the price for you, then turn around and go to Gamestop and get even less money and somehow they are happy with it.

rainslacker1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

GameStop is pretty much the gaming equivalent of a car dealer. The dealers/GS give you less than you could get for the item/car should you sell it yourself, and then resell it. But going through a dealer is more convienant for most people. GS trade in prices than pawn shops though, which will give you $5 for a new game, then turn right around and sell it on Ebay for $30-50....because those guys aren't stupid and know what your stuff is worth.

I've actually done the math, and for the most part, GS trade in prices for games are about equivalent to what you'd get for a game on Ebay after Ebay and Paypal fees are paid if one prices their games to include free shipping. You can often come out ahead with new/newish releases though. Old games though, you'd be lucky to make more than $1-2 more than GS would give you. Some exceptions to this rule exist however...particularly for things like day one editions with special packaging, steel books, or the special editions which contain some extra material. GS doesn't give more for those things.

I tried gameflip with my business, and I got a couple sales off it, but the extra couple dollars I saved from fees weren't worth the hassle. People offering $40 for brand new never opened, just released games was kind of insulting. Overall though, Ebay isn't worth selling new releases on unless you can buy in bulk directly from the publisher. Used games are typically alright though.

Kribwalker1882d ago

I got $225 in Canada for one of my Xbox ones, but it's $100 more to buy the console here

rainslacker1881d ago

You could probably sell it yourself for more than that if you want to go through the effort. Dunno...maybe not after the X1S releases, but possibly.

Kribwalker1881d ago

They told me price would drop by 50-80 when the s dropped so I figured might as well do it now. I had 3 of them anyways. And the extra $50-100 isn't worth the hassle of dealing with craigslist flakes

rainslacker1881d ago

Yeah, convenience is a nice thing when selling your old stuff. Some people have better ways to sell stuff, or more people they know they can push it off on, but the vast majority of people just want to go the simple route. If they didn't, then car dealers wouldn't get away with such lowball offers on trade ins.

Kribwalker1881d ago

We sold a huge 2 room tent a few years back when we bought a travel trailer and listed it for $40. People were demanding we set it up. I just laughed at them

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crazychris41241882d ago

Only $150 for LE Xbox Ones?? No way would I do that. I know you get more for selling privately but at least give us a fair deal.

slavish01882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Dude this is GameStop. What do u expect. I no longer shop there because of there practices. They seriously spit in the face of there loyal fans then bend u over and don't use lube. They also pay their employees crap. They won't get a dime from me.

ABizzel11882d ago

I go to GameStop maybe once or twice per year and that's usually around Black Friday just to see what they have, and a rare Buy 2 get 1 free sale.

Otherwise Best Buy, Amazon, and a couple of niche stores are my go to for gaming.

_-EDMIX-_1882d ago

Buddy nobody cares, if you were seeking loyalty by a company that's sole purpose is to take money from you, something is deeply wrong. you know of a company that actively goes out of business for its consumers out of love?

I shop at the place that has the lowest price , I often actively literally pull out my phone in GameStops and check eBay and Amazon in many times if GameStop has the cheapest price I buy it there , if Amazon has the cheapest I buy it there.

Competition is good and it helps consumers , your sole purpose should be to get the fairest price at your convenience, not seeking love or loyalty or friendship or anything like that because I dare you to tell me any business you know that this is the sole purpose of its existence...

I don't shop at Amazon because they pay their employees good that is irrelevant to me as a consumer.....

I shop at any of the places that gives me the best price for the product that I'm looking for. I go to GameStop often for new platform releases or for their buy 2 get 1 free used sales or if a game happens to be cheaper used there than elsewhere.

Please leave your emotions at the door when regarding business, the overwhelming majority of consumers are not purchasing based on such a silly idea.

franwex1882d ago

You were a fan of GameStop? Wtf? It's just a game shop ...

badz1491881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

There's a thing called "GameStop's loyal fans"??

rainslacker1881d ago

I go to GS mostly to shop their used game selection, because they often have some good deals in there for older titles. I spend enough to get some coupons through the PUR program, so occasionally buy a new game there once in a while when I trade in my points.

What do I expect from GS?

I expect them to give you what they feel it's worth for them to buy your stuff and be able to resell it at enough of a profit to make them continue to do that. GS has it's own ideas on what that is worth, and unfortunately, that doesn't line up with what people feel their stuff is worth.

But here's the rub. What you feel your stuff is worth, is probably what GS feels your stuff is worth, but GS isn't just going to give you cash and sell it on your behalf. They're buying it to make a profit, and they are taking the risks of buying your game and having to resell it, potentially losing money in the process.

You have the choice to not partake in their trade in program. They never force anyone to use it. So I get a kick out of the people who say how GS ripped them off...when they could have just walked out of the store with their stuff.

I can say, if I were looking to buy used X1's to resell right now, I wouldn't even give $150, because selling them for $200(reasonable sell price for now, less when the X1S comes out), my costs would barely be accounted for. And unlike GS, I wouldn't provide some kind of warranty on the person I sell it to, nor would I care to take the loss should you sell me some piece of crap that doesn't work well enough.

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_-EDMIX-_1882d ago

GameStop is for the privilege and convenience of buying it at a fixed price.

if you can sell it elsewhere for more, of course you should ,but other people may not want to go through such a hassle.

You could probably get more if you sell it through Amazon or eBay. That is not to say that GameStop is bad or a rip off because they are buying it instantly, where you're going to have to wait on eBay or Amazon and actively compete with other owners.

The market makes perfect sense for both Styles and for consumers

1881d ago
_LarZen_1882d ago

And they will laugh all the way to the bank.

DC7771882d ago

As someone who mostly buys digital it sort of makes switching brands out of the question no matter how much they offer.

Grown Folks Talk1882d ago

You can download them again or move them to an external drive. Actual game saves are in the cloud anyways.

Ristul1882d ago

Read his comment again.

FreddyFazbear1881d ago

He says switching brands. What if i have digital PS4 games. Can i play them and redownload on xbox live?? Yup figures.

Grown Folks Talk1881d ago

I'm glad you guys caught that. I'd hate to start an epidemic being the 1st person to ever misread a comment.

Fullmetalevolust1882d ago

I'd only trade up from an Xbox one to an Xbox S, but I wouldn't trade my other consoles, especially not at Gamestop.
It is more practical than Ebay or Craigslist.