WorthPlaying: Chrono Trigger Preview

Chrono Trigger DS is the second re-release of the game, with the first one being part of the Final Fantasy Chronicles compilation for the PlayStation in 2001, which included animated cut scenes. The DS version retains these scenes, which WorthPlaying observed in the opening animation when the console had been left idle. A noticeable thing about Chrono Trigger DS is how similar the characters look to those of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Quest; this is due to the fact that they're all drawn by the same artist, Akira Toriyama. With that said, all of the original sprites and environments retain their original forms, which is good, because they still hold up pretty well today.

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theusedfake4331d ago

this would have gotten the FF remake treatment with an
option to play the original. but maybe that's
just wishful thinking.