Rise of the Tomb Raider Is Already One Of The Best Games Coming To PS4 This Fall

One could make the argument that had the whole Xbox controversy not been a factor in the thought process of gamers, then Rise of the Tomb Raider would have gained even more acclaim from both gamers and critics (Games of the Year).

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ziggurcat1883d ago

this really is a great game - whether you buy it day one or wait until it's discounted, it's one that i think you shouldn't miss.

Sonyslave31883d ago

Tha game is was love by the critics what is this guy talking about lol and this sold more then SF5

RuleNumber51882d ago

Meant Game of The Year type of acclaim. Bet it would've gotten more consideration last year if it was a multi-plat at launch.

rainslacker1881d ago

I don't really believe that. It was a good game, but GOTY contender? That's a bit of a stretch. When you have games like MGSV which was solid outside the story and repetative missions, FO4 which moved the series forward in many ways, Bloodborne which was about as solid as they come, W3 which was a highly anticipated and critically acclaimed title, Rocket Legue which was just damn fun, Life is Strange which took interactive stories to new levels, Splatoon which brought something fresh to MOBA's, and many more, ROTTR just seemed like little more than what the first game offered in a more open hub world.

BlakHavoc1882d ago

Everyone knows this game gets hate because it was a timed exclusive

DragonDDark1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Can you blame them? It's 1 year.

What does SFV have to do with this!?

DrumBeat1882d ago

It was a good game, and a nice entry in the Tomb Raider series, but it's nowhere near amazing.

WellyUK1881d ago

its just as good as another exclusive game thats considered amazing which is very similar...

leoms1881d ago

You think QB is very similar?

opinionated1881d ago

Crazy over the top set pieces? I might pick it up if so. Uncharted 4 dropped the ball on that front.

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