Videogamer: Football Manager 2009 Interview

Videogamer writes: "It's that time of year again. The transfer window is closed, fans up and down the country are spending way too many work hours obsessing over their fantasy team and your club is (probably) already in turmoil. But for many, none of that is as important as the release of a new Football Manager game. Last night, in a crowded London bar, developer Sports Interactive and publisher SEGA revealed the first details on FM 2009, due for release on November 14. After the show, where a brand new 3D match engine was unveiled, we sat down with Sports Interactive MD Miles Jacobson to quiz him on the new features and get the inside scoop on what young player you should be tapping up when the game comes out. When we interviewed you last year for the last game we asked you how difficult it was to innovate with a game that comes out every year. Does it get harder to justify the money fans fork out for the game?

Miles Jacobson: I think what we've announced this year shows that that's bollocks really. While yes we do work on annual cycles with 3D (match engine) we can work on it for a while and it's more than possible to have people working on stuff for longer when you're doing annual cycles and just not tell anyone you're working on them. So it's not getting harder at all. I think the stuff that we've announced tonight, there's some evolution but there's some revolution as well. Things like assistant manager feedback, particularly with the 3D match views. I think it gets harder as you get older, because a lot of our guys now have wives and kids and things like that. But, you know, we still love every minute of it, otherwise we wouldn't carry on doing it."

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