Rise of the Tomb Raider’s PS4 Version Shows its Gameplay in New Trailer

Square Enix launched a new trailer to hype the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, coming to PlayStation 4 on October 11.

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SaveFerris1877d ago

Is there going to be a sequel to Rise or is Square Enix waiting on sales of the PS4 version before making a decision?

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-Foxtrot1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Don't you know the Tomb Raider two Game deal? You do two games then reboot ha

No but seriously even if they did hopefully it will be one of the original Lara in the Himalayas after he plane goes down killing her parents and fiancée with med kits, puzzles, underground tombs, lots of hazards, traps and supernatural creatures.

morganfell1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

If they are waiting on PS4 sales they should hold their breath...because I want to see them turn blue and pass out for making such a decision. PS4 owners are not going to jump on this game en masse until it is in the bargain bin or the used game pile. SE made their bed and now they can lie in it.

And it is hilarious that comments are disabled for the video. Even they know what they did by stabbing PlayStation gamers in the back for a paltry sum and telling such a ridiculous lie when they did so.

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darthv721877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"Would Street fighter have been made without Sony financing the project? No."
Street fighter would have been made without sony funding. It's street fighter after all. Capcom's biggest fighting series. It is impossible to think they were that financially strapped they couldnt make it but oh... they can make another RE game and DMC and megaman...

Give me a break morgan. You can't be that naive to believe capcom saying they had no $$ to make SF5. And your obsession over RotTR being timed is also pretty baseless because out of 11 games only 2 were ever exclusive to the PS1 so you need to get off that horse you think is so high and mighty and realize that both of these situations is pretty crappy to do to gamers. At least with timed the game still comes out to others.

Capcom should just admit what they did with Sony's money, which is release a half assed game that was paid to be kept off xb1 and the xbox fighting fan base. you can be a sony supporter all you like but even you have to admit that it is straight up wrong to take a multiplat game and use it as some sort of pawn in a really bad game of chess. Absolutely, no 3rd party game should ever be used in that manner.

freshslicepizza1877d ago

was their an outcry for dlc in games like destiny? how about sony going after hello games and being the publisher to prevent the game from coming to the xbox and nx? was it ok for sony to make a deal for street fighter which was never an exclusive before?

i don't get this biased vision, where it's ok when it suits you but then you get upset when it doesn't.

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_-EDMIX-_1876d ago

I don't even believe it's because it's a bad game, merely that there is stiff competition releasing this fall.

I think Square has already factored that gamers may overlook its port.

freshslicepizza1876d ago

"I don't even believe it's because it's a bad game, merely that there is stiff competition releasing this fall.

I think Square has already factored that gamers may overlook its port."

that can be said every year about most games. last year ps4 fans snubbed it off saying they already have lots to play and will wait for uncharted 4. the fact is it is very easy to try and brush off any game that you either can't play or are upset about the deals that went on. rocket league came out late on the xbox one and its another great title to add. the other thing many here are ignoring is that there are new ps4 owners all the time so of course this game will be attractive to some of them too.

let's not get all childish and immature here because of business deals otherwise we wouldn't buy anything because at the end of the day they are running a business and using softawre as leverage has ALWAYS been done. just look at the deals rockstar did with grand theft auto on the ps2 and games like san andreas having an early launch and coming out later on the xbox.

if people had the money they would not be acting like children here and choosing sides and arguing about silly things.

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_-EDMIX-_1876d ago

Doubtful. If they're going to make a sequel It's a likely already started development long ago. I do not believe the sequel's existence lies on the PlayStation 4 versions performance of Rise.

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King_Lothric1877d ago

Getting it when in sale. Not paying $60

Erik73571877d ago

Good for you! Sucks that your gonna have to wait even longer to play this amazing game.

Speak_da_Truth1877d ago

Lol it won't suck at all because first of all, he has waited a full year for it so waiting another 2-3 months for a sale wouldn't make a difference. Second, there are plenty on games releasing that will even probably make him forget ROTTR even exists lol

RDF1877d ago

PS gamers waited a year already,waiting a little longer for bargins is no skin off their teeth.

bf0007779661877d ago

why waiting? there is a lot of great new games to play throughout the holiday season, you can play them while watch out for the discount. they won't hold the 60$ too long, by the time you finish playing Horizon the price probably drop to 30$ or lower, if you still remember it then buy.

leoms1877d ago

Uh, I do not think you got his message. Ahem, HE DOES NOT CARE!!!! You welcome

thisgamer5031876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

This is what I do for most games. I don't pay $60 for anything. Will wait to pick up TR and Uncharted 4 when it hits the bargain bin.

Erik73571876d ago

I keep on hearing there will be a lot of great games for him to play that are better than rotr but I'm not seeing any names. Bet none of them will have its metacritic score!

Chevalier1876d ago

What's a couple more months? We already waited a year.

It's not like there are a lack of Games in October. ABZU, Last Guardian, Gran Turismo, Battlefield 1, Titanfall, South Park FBH, Watch Dogs 2, Gears of War 4, Recore and a whole slew of other games. A tonne of actual and literally NEW content instead of getting a year old game at full price.

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LordMaim1877d ago

Didn't they already show the gameplay when the game was the released a year ago? Pretty sure PS4 owners have enough data to go on.

thelaughingwiseman1877d ago

They waited a year to bring this out to PS4, I will wait a year until the lower prices for this game to get it. I'm a patient person

Nitrowolf21877d ago

It won't take a year, it'll probably be a month. Heck I'd expect to see 45 dollars sales near launch.

It'll drop to the bargain bin fast like it did on x1

Silly Mammo1877d ago

Black Friday is a month after the release date.

RioKing1876d ago

I'll pay my monthy gamefly membership fee of 13 bucks and play this within the first month it comes out...just like just about every other game I want to play. Basically no waiting and cheap= win

Sparta071877d ago

Getting this when it hits the bargain bin.
To many other games coming out. Maybe next year. I never buy used, but I might do it with this game. I'm I the only one that's not hyped up for this game?

Chevalier1877d ago

Nope you're not the only one. The year in between and Uncharted 4 destroyed any hype I had for this game. I work at a EB Games so I am just going to wait for a sale or for a used copy for $30 before I get it. Way too many games more deserving of my money in the fall. ABZU for example comes a week or so before it for example.

_-EDMIX-_1876d ago

Agreed this fall is very packed in there a lots of games that are getting put on the back burner because of it.

I was going to get Skyrim HD and world of Final Fantasy in a few other games but with releases like Final Fantasy 15 ,no man's sky, BF1, the last Guardian etc it's a very difficult justifying purchasing a title I don't feel I'll even care that much about in comparison to other titles.

I find that if I'm not going to purchase it to play it the week of release there isn't much reason for me to pay full price.

Looking at a lot of Springs titles like Doom and Far Cry Primal it was clear it was the correct choice to just wait it out as those games are dirt cheap right now. I've already allocated time to other games releasing this fall and I have a budget and it's to the point where no matter how good the game is I just do not have the time to justify spending full price for something I won't fully play until weeks or even months later.

Companies need to realize that releasing a game during a certain time frame can literally determine whether or not I'm purchasing it brand new or used.

jaholtz1877d ago

I never buy used games but this is a game that I will only buy used, if I get it at all.