Nintendo suffers 90% drop in third-party support

Nintendo releases telling figures that show the dire reality of third-party support for the Wii U.

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kaiserxblue1883d ago

Yeah we know that but, but let's hope the NX can turn those things around for the better. So far( yes I'm trying to be as much objective as I can) the 3rd party compain are happy with the Nx, and we are starting to see that support, Dragon quest XI, Sonic 2017, Just Dance 2017, I know it's not much but it's a start with the right foot, am I right?

Yi-Long1883d ago

If the recent rumours are true, and Nintendo has chosen once again to go with a gimmick-based console that's completely different than XBO, PS4 and PC, I honestly don't see many 3rd party devs REALLY investing and supporting it.

IF, and I state IF, there is a temporary hype which sells a lot of consoles, I can see devs certainly testing the waters a bit, but just like they did with the Wii, I would expect most of their output would mostly be shovel-ware again.

I really want to play Nintendo's games, cause they CAN make fantastic games, but too often or not they decide to also force in some gimmick or whatever that detracts from the actual game, instead of improving the experience...

NotEvenMyFinalForm1882d ago

But if the NX is truly a console/handheld hybrid then wouldn't the system get the same 3rd party support as the 3DS, which is huge? Not AAA 3rd party support tho.

UltimateMaster1882d ago

Hey, no need to worry. Ubisoft love the new NX gimmicks and will totally support it with Just Dance....

LOL_WUT1882d ago

Pre order cancelled! ;)

Deeke1882d ago

I've asked a lot of people this question concerning the NX: at what point does gimmick turn into innovation?

There's likely a lot more about the NX than what we've heard. Eurogamer's reports aren't exactly new, either; the patents have told us all of this information, except for the detaching consoles. And it being powered by a Tegra chip has been known for months now.

All Eurogamer's post did is ignite even more questions rather than answers, and I wonder how Nintendo feels about it.

Nintendo is also making a "Supplemental Computing Device", aka a little box that hooks up to consoles to boost power, so this could hook up to the NX or even be shipped with the NX.

There's more than meets the eye with the NX, or else Nintendo wouldn't have hidden away all this time.

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Kurdishcurse1883d ago

" the 3rd party compain are happy with the Nx, and we are starting to see that support "

The exact same thing was said by MAJOR 3rd party devs with the wiiu devkit and the retail console, And didnt end up being true.

This time, the major ones arent even looking at nintendos direction. I can see why one wants to deal with nintendos gimmicky bullshit anymore.

Whats sad is, it would be MUCH MUCH cheaper and profitable to nintendo to just release a normal console with a normal controller. I mean the wiiu remote alone is actually stronger than the vita...THE VITA for gods sake.

Imagine the wiiu remote never existed and the extra power of the remote would go into the wiiu itself. That would actually be much cheaper in every single way. ESPECIALLY research and developement.

deafdani1883d ago

The Wii U gamepad isn't stronger than the Vita, dude. It doesn't even have any processing capabilities of its own, it needs the base console to function. The only thing it does better than the Vita is the video streaming technology, which is almost lag-less (even less lag than any HDTV, for a fact), because it was designed for that purpose.

That aside, nope, it isn't anywhere comparable to a Vita. You're pretty badly informed here.

jmc88881882d ago

It's 100 percent fact that devs were praising the Wii U before launch.

Here's a clue for people who don't understand it.

Do you think that Bioware will create ultra low assets and struggle to make the next Mass Effect on the NX?
What about Activision and their games like CoD?
What about EA and their PvZ: Zombie warfare? Or Battlefield? Or Titanfall? Or a new Dragon's age?

This list goes on and on.

In order to get 3rd party support, your system NEEDS to be able to play the games THEY ARE MAKING. So if the system can't run the games they are making, you won't get the games they are making.

Considering every western dev is making games that exceed what the NX is capable of... the NX is screwed.

Perhaps if someone wants to take the time, trouble, expense of making an ultra low version of assets in a Unreal 4 engine game, they COULD make an absolute crappy version (like what Wii could). The problem is, even the Wii only got a few of those, and only because it sold 100 million units.

People don't understand it's not hard to develop a powerful console. You partner with AMD/Nvidia and make it happen. They don't want to make it happen.

jmc88881883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Hope doesn't change reality.

The NX is made at a power level from last decade (yes, that the truth). Plenty of videocards from 2008/2009 exceed the rumor specs of the NX. In fact plenty from 2008/2009 exceed that of the Tegra X2, if they somehow 'upgrade' to that.

Therefore, the NX will not get 3rd party support. Even WORSE than Wii U, since at least the Wii U got a year or so worth of 3rd party support. NX will get less than that.

This is a handheld system. So most of the games Nintendo makes will be for the handheld system like 3DS/XL type games.

So if you buy a NX for CONSOLE games, you are going to be massively disappointed. (or technically they could go the other way and screw the handheld users away from handheld games). Either way, someone is getting screwed. My guess is that the console style games will be lacking.

So you basically have a brand new Wii U situation for potential NX owners. Going in you know you'll get little and basically no 3rd party support, and pretty weak Nintendo support, since they are going to be making handheld games far more than games like Zelda. So if you want another Wii U, then buy it.

Most Wii U owners want something better than a Wii U from the NX. So they aren't going to buy the NX.

The people who want a handheld system will buy the NX.

Those fans who buy both, is who this ultimately appeals to.

But what is the size of such an audience? How many Nintendo fans out there actually buy the handheld AND console from them?

2 million? 5 million? That's a small dual audience to design a console around.

So they gave up 100 million possible sales from a console unit, to perhaps get a couple million of people or so that otherwise might not be have access to buying the handheld games they don't want....

...and make happy 2-5 million or so fans who buy both, but now don't have to.

Big_Game_Hunters1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

All the rumours point to the NX using the X2. We don't even know the specs of the x2 so what you are saying makes no sense unless you work at Nvidia or Nintendo.

CrazedFiend1882d ago

Take out the Wii and what do you notice about the sales of each successive console? The Wii was the exception, not the rule. Having supreme faith in the NX turning everything around is just hopeful at best at this point.

_-EDMIX-_1882d ago

From what I've read rumored,.....its not looking so good, but whats funny about the industry is, maybe its not such a bad thing if NX is actually just a handheld.

Nintendo's handhelds have done very,very well with just Nintendo and a few Japanese publishers. If they are aiming for the handheld market, they will do just fine as the handheld market in terms of Nintendo handhelds don't really depend THAT much on western 3rd party support or even top Japanese 3rd party support outside of Monster Hunter.

The thing is......I just don't see NX actually being a "Console" like PS4 or XONE in the respect that they even need 3rd party to stay a float.

Different ball game.

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nevin11883d ago

Nintendo hasn't had 3rd party support since SNES. =(

freshslicepizza1883d ago

which is the same time nintendo starting treating third party like dirt and not working very well with them. now you know why one of the reasons sony came in at a perfect time.

AKR1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

No, that's not how it went down.

Nintendo didn't want a repeat of what Atari did; that company allowed developers to do whatever they wanted, so the industry was flooded with terrible games that were being released consistently. When Nintendo SAVED the business, they put stipulations on developers, only allowing those teams to release a limited number of games at a time AND Nintendo had to certify those games in order for them to be released on its platforms. If a game wasn't good enough, it was rejected.

That may all sound pretty dark and draconian on Nintendo's part, but all they were trying to do was avoid having another crash. Third-parties (like anyone) didn't enjoy being told what to do, so when Sony came in, they immediately fled to PlayStation because they had more freedom there. But see, we're kind of in the same situation again because there are a number of terrible games coming out.

uth111883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

@AKR- The problem is they misjudged the Atari situation. And Nintendo took extreme measures in response.

PCs show you can let everyone publish on your system without collapsing the market. Retailers typically won't stock games from unknown publishers, so that acts as a filter.

It's just that the situation in the early 80s was different. Everybody got interested in games at the same time due to Pacman, and a lot of those people lost interest around the same time in 1982 because no "hot trend" lasts forever. But retailers in the middle of that thought the sky was the limit for video games and overstocked on every videogame related item they could.

Nintendo's growth was more organic and not trendy, so they would not have suffered the same fate as Atari.

Anyway, Atari certainly did try to stop third parties from publishing on the 2600. They sued Activision and lost in court. They had no technical way to stop it as a lock-out chip would not have been feasible in a 1977-era console.

jmc88881882d ago

No, you are so wrong.

They didn't save the business. They did well after the gaming crash, because that's when they entered.

Their certification is a joke. There were tons of crappy games that made it through certification.

We're not in a similar situation. I can see why you would say that, but it's much different.

In the 1980's, games were sold 100 percent physically. So, mom and pop shops and chains would buy these games on margin. So you had games which were hella expensive. Say like $200, because with inflation that's what they would be charging for them now if we wanted to keep things equal.

Now they had all those $200 games, except it wasn't Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen ZIRP/NIRP environment. It was Paul Volkers 15-22 percent interest rate. So all these mom and pops and chains were holding onto these expensive physical cartridges/discs that they bought on high interest rate margin.

Today, we have a bunch of indies pumping out titles, mostly on PC, put also on PS4/XB1 that are digitally, no one is buying them on margin, and if they somehow had to it's not 15-22 percent interest rates. Plus they aren't $200, but $5-10, which is like $1-2 in 1983 prices.

Nintendo didn't save anything. They just made a good product, with good games, it booted fast, and was affordable.

_-EDMIX-_1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I mean.....they've sorta always treated them like dirt.

Sony and MS both offer what 3rd parties are asking for, thus get the support. They can have their gimmicks and still actually have the functions being asked for by 3rd party.

They wanted to act by themselves, they will be by themselves. This industry is a community and Nintendo has basically tried to dictate and run the show.

Clearly....they should have known they were not going to be the only player in the game to run in such a way. If PS didn't destroy them, it would have been Sega anyway.

@AKR- No. Stop trying to dictate the market. Please...

At the end of the day, the community will vote with their wallets. I get having a standard with making sure games work well, all console makers have that, but what Nintendo was doing, was out right having way, way..WAY too much control over aspects of the game they have no BUSINESS trying to dictate.

6 Final Fantasy's released on Nintendo hardware before PS1.......

You don't have a giant like that just leave to go on a BRAND NEW PLATFORM vs an established without having something wrong with the company.

Let the community dictate what they feel is um "good enough".

Playstation had more "freedom" because it was not Sony's job to tell a team they can't make a game because they thought it sucked. If it works, they should be fine. That isn't any of a console manufacturer's business bud. Nintendo overstepped boundaries and took extreme measures to control content that wasn't theirs.

Look at PS1....

There is no reason why a new player in console gaming should be having the type of support that PS1 had, it sounds to me like developers were waiting for a console with no red tape, a platform where the console maker was merely the console maker and not / publisher / developer / etc.

At one point they were out here censoring games based on wanting to have their console have games that are " free of objectionable content"

THAT is the environment PS1 released in. PS1 is very much what we have as modern games today in regards to the retail/vendor model.

You make what you want on a platform as a vendor, the retailer (console maker ) merely make sure it works on their devices, functions etc.

They do not control your content, censor your content etc.

SlappingOysters1882d ago

Moldybead, did you not see the figures int he article. The Wii stomped it for support (even if a lot of it was crappy)

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bouzebbal1883d ago

haven't you heard of Wii?
3rd party games were out everyday.
Let's not talk about Gameboys and DS

bloop1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

"3rd party *shovelware* games were out everyday"

I'd say around 80% of the Wii install base were non gamers that just picked one up because they were cheap and looked like a bit of fun. With that many units sold 3rd party developers were just throwing out any kind of crap to try and cash in on less savvy consumers.

badz1491883d ago

You meant "shovelware were out everyday"

King_Lothric1883d ago

Sad but true. That's the point where they decide to not compete with the latest in technology against other competitors and where Sony easily took the crown with the innovation of their PS one.

CerebralAssassin1883d ago

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Makes me sad to realize I grew up on the SNES and to see Nintendo struggle to stay relevant now.

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Relientk771883d ago

Nintendo needs to try to get some 3rd party support for NX. And not shovelware I mean legit 3rd party games

jmc88881882d ago

See the rumored specs? Not happening.

No CoD
No Battlefield
No Mass Effect
No Fallout/Elder Scrolls
This list goes on seemingly forever.

_-EDMIX-_1882d ago

Agreed with JMC.

With what I'm hearing with the specs, its just very, very unlikely.

The 10th Rider1883d ago

*third-party retail support on Wii U, compared to Wii.

To be fair, Wii had a ton of shoveleware, inflating the amount of "third party support." It will be interesting to see how the nx is.

Darkfist_Flames1883d ago

it also had many gems, yet none of them got good sales with all that Wii install base, with most arent even gamers.

The 10th Rider1882d ago

That's very true as well. After the Wii's life had died down, I picked up a lot of those gems at used game sales. It had many great, overlooked games.

Sadly many were overlooked because they were buried in all the shovelware. Yes, the graphics aren't top notch, but outside of not being HD most of the well made games are alright to look at.

hiawa231883d ago

No surprise, no one is buying the Wiiu or games for it not made by Njintendo, and given The Rumors We See With The NX as a hybrid, which I have zero interest in a handheld, I don't see that turning things around for Nintendo in the console market.

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