Loot Ninja Reviews Warhawk: Operation Fallen Star

Loot Ninja writes: "Incognito has continued to give amazing support to Warhawk on the PS3, adding to the gameplay experiences in many ways. Free patches with gameplay tweaks and additions, Trophy support, and now a third expansion pack, Operation: Fallen Star. For the cool price of $7.99, you get a new map, Tau Crater, as well as the new Icarus Mk.1 Rocket pack".

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RAM MAGNUMS3885d ago

its perfect for what it is.
10/10 you will play this game every so often for the rest of your life.

LevDog3885d ago

Ill have to agree.. I traded in COD4 over Warhawk.. While I havent got any of the expansion packs yet.. I will never trade in Warhawk...

Kleptic3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

agreed...I definitely put more time into CoD 4 over the last year though...but mostly because of how many friends and family I have that owned it and not Warhawk...

I'm full scale back into warhawk though, and have totally retired from cod 4 more or less (1000 hours nearly, and with the lack of updates IW/Activision give to the game...its simply not fun anymore)...

I am definitely pretty rusty though...I'm all over the place in the air...

for the record though...Omega Dawn is still my favorite map...then Eucadia...this new map is great, as is Broken Mirror...but Omega Dawn has the absolute most awesome layout for aerial stuff...

and whats up the N4G clan...there is nothing ever going on with it...I have been playing Warhawk alone lately, which sucks compared to CoD 4 in that I almost never played without 3 or 4 friends...who is even running it?...

remanutd553885d ago

the best online mp game on the ps3 nothing comes close to it in my opinion.

Dino3885d ago

My only gripe now is it seems rockets just take one shot to kill a warhawk since the expansion. Is it just me or didn't they take about two shots before? anywhooo still love this game.

remanutd553885d ago

they still take two shots

remanutd553885d ago

guys i need 9 more people to join my clan so i can get the trophy, what you say? also how can i get the marksman medal? it says GLOBAL requirements weapon accuracy 25%, kills with weapon 50, with any troop weapon , IAR requirements kills with weapon 5 , i did everything and still no medal