How PlayStation VR Unsold Me

Jason says, "About a month ago, I tried a PlayStation VR demo for myself. Having dabbled in VR here and there (including that almost-meme thing known as the “Virtual Boy”), here are my impressions and how I became rather unsold."

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ArchangelMike1916d ago

What! You didn't know until now that you would need the playstation camera to use PSVR? Dude where've you been all this time?

TXIDarkAvenger1916d ago

Still has a valid point though. The camera should come with the PSVR.

BLow1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

True, but if I'm going to spend $400 plus tax on something, I usually do some research on it. But that's just me.

Plus, a lot of people already have cameras so buying VR with another one is a waste.

Roronoa04111916d ago

It does come with the camera in the bundle... it would be stupid to put a camera in every box because the people that already have one would be buying another one.

freshslicepizza1916d ago

they have a $499 bundle but it doesn't have the same marketing power as telling everyone psvr is $399 though.

vr looks incredibly cool but the technology still has a ways to go it seems.

rainslacker1916d ago

Options are good. I keep hearing that being said a lot lately in relation to a lot of things going on, so I'd imagine people like options. I have a camera(impulse buy on launch day), and a few move controllers(nephew was into wonderbook on PS3), so I'm all set personally.

Cindy-rella1916d ago

I had an amazing experience with psvr and i cant wait to buy it first day. It was proper immersive

ShinMaster1916d ago

There's a bundle.
Many people already have the camera, that's why they're not bundled by default.

I actually played with the PSVR and I didn't experience the issues he mentioned and/or other people have speculated on.

ziggurcat1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )


There will be a bundle that includes the camera...

And why should people who already have the camera be forced into a second one?

nveenio1916d ago

I have a camera and two move controllers. I am thrilled that the base package doesn't force me to buy another camera.

ITPython1916d ago

They have the bundle which includes the camera.

Xx_Pistol_xX1916d ago

It gives consumers choice. I already have a camera and welcome the cheaper package that comes without it.

_-EDMIX-_1916d ago

No it shouldn't.

I own a PlayStation camera and I don't believe I should be paying for another camera packaged inside of the PlayStation VR , they merely just got to have several options for those who don't already own the camera why the hell would you be against options?

Mind you I'm pretty positive there is packages that have the camera included as an option!

amiga-man1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Just waiting for my preorder, without camera or Move controllers because I already had them, I would have been pretty annoyed if I had been forced me to buy them again.

freshslicepizza1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

odd how many have the camera when there isn't much suppoprt for it. i have two move controllers though for my ps3 which will work if i get psvr and a ps4.

i think what some people are questioning is the marketing spin sony has done by saying it;s only $399. while that may be true for some if you already have the camera and controllers it is not for everyone. but as i said, it's much better for marketing to say psvr is only $399.

amiga-man1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Moldy it is £349 for me, just as Sony said.

rainslacker1915d ago


Why odd? It sold quite well at launch and still sells pretty well today, and has been a pretty popular peripheral. That whole streaming thing is pretty popular on PS4. Not really my thing, but a lot of people seem to use it. I only brought the camera on impulse myself, never used it to stream, but have had some fun with playroom. Until I found out it was needed for PSVR, I felt kind of silly for buying it since I never really used it.

Not sure where Move itself is at in terms of acceptance, but you can get those pretty cheap, or even cheaper 2nd hand.

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sammarshall1021916d ago

A lot of people will probably find this out at the store

bondsmx1916d ago

I believe there is also a bundle, that has everything.
Psvr, camera and move. Right?
I think it's an extra hundo if I remember correctly.

Majin-vegeta1916d ago

@Bonds yes that is the one that costs $499

rainslacker1916d ago

I'd imagine it'll tell you that right on the box. I'd also imagine a person spending $400 on a peripheral will likely either know already, or will be told by the sales clerk. If someone is getting it for little Jimmy, and doesn't care to research their $400 christmas present, well....then little jimmy is a spoiled brat and likely will be very disappointed on christmas day..

BLow1916d ago

Well, obviously, everyone's not going to like VR. This one person won't like it but someone else will. That's with everything in life. If that's the case then everything would sell 1 to 1 with consoles.....but it is good to here both sides of the equation.

Nodoze1916d ago

Just wait until a bunch of people start getting physically sick. Many commented on this from E3, with the Resident Evil title getting the most press for making people ill. That will boomerang a bunch of them right back to the place of purchase.

Dannycr1916d ago

I played that demo and within just a few minutes i got motion sickness, however, that one has been the only PSVR demo causing Motion sickness because it runs at 60fps. The safe zone is 90fps.

All other games I have had no problems whatsoever.

Lilrizky1916d ago

Im keen to know what else you played and impressions

Ive only tried heists and honestly the experience blew my mind away. No preview can prepare you for how immersive it really is or can be

JackVagina1915d ago

the problem with RE7 is not the fps but the control scheme. this is why most VR games have you inside a cockpit or on rails. if your walking in game but sitting irl obviously this is going to cause problems with your brain.

nitus101916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

As for people getting physically sick playing the PSVR.

Have you every looked at the screen when the PS4 or even the PS3 is started? There is a health warning that puts the onus on the player in that if they suffer screen related issues they should not be playing. If you are one of those very few people who do suffer from some for of epilepsy or motion sickness then you should not be playing.

I have always said PSVR or VR in general, is something you should try before you buy.

HeartlesskizZ1916d ago

I really want to try the PSVR but I just don't see me spending that much money on it. It cost more than the actual console 😑

nitus101916d ago

Look at it this way how much would you be willing to spend on a decent sized HDTV that is has a refresh rate of at least 120Hz and has an OLED screen?

Dario_DC1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

That's my reasoning too. I'll use as a TV and VR gaming

Mulando1916d ago

Well, and how many people can watch at those Screens?

Yes, you might not need a TV but, the TV is already there. Well not a 120Hz Oled 3d-TV but something that works with multiple people.

But, I can understand the price, but really, many buyers will buy it and be mad because they need a camera.

But what really bothered him was the image-quality. PS4 is just not enough. PSVR and PS4 Neo would be the better combination. It might not increase the resolution (because of the screens) but additional AA can do wonders to a 960*1080 resolution.

thisgamer5031915d ago

So I can plug all my devices into it?

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