Remembering One of The Vita’s Finest Games

Pixelgate writes:

''The Playstation Vita was, and always will be, an odd little beast. Technically, the system was top notch. It should have been a success, it had everything going for it, but things didn’t ever truly plan out. It’s a shame the Vita is mostly remembered is jest by the masses,. There was a some seriously good games on the platform.''

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ravinash813d ago

I wish they would make Wipeout for the PS4. I really enjoyed that on the PS3 and was such a shame when they closed the Dev group who made it.

WiiU-Dude813d ago

I may just suck, most definitely, but this game is crazy difficult. I pop it in just because it's gorgeous, but 90% of the time I'm slamming walls.

danny818813d ago

it was but you have to master breaking before turns and weapons. Crazy fun

vergilxx3813d ago

You probably have been playing it a bit wrong there is a trick with the air brakes i had gold medal almost in all races but few were impossible for me

WiiU-Dude813d ago

Maybe I'll have to check out some YouTube videos for pointers. Sad thing is, I've been playing since PS1 & Sega Saturn Wipeout. Own every iteration and I'm still sucking - lol. Thanks though guys you give me hope.

PixelGateUk812d ago

What i found was if you play more expecting rather than reacting that you tend to hit the walls a lot less

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