PlayStation VR First Impressions: "I'm All In"

Virtual Reality is here, and with the future of VR such an uncertainty, we thought we should give it a shot ourselves. Needless to say, we were impressed.

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amiga-man2430d ago

There is no putting this genie back into the bottle, VR will only grow, anyone who thinks otherwise really doesn't understand what VR is.

DarXyde2430d ago

Yeah, but it's not for everyone if it's causing motion sickness in some.

I think it'll thrive, but it has the obstacle of adoption to deal with. I don't think it'll ever be the standard means of gaming if not everyone can tolerate it. Which means it can always be a costly accessory. It works though and I think Sony just needs to really drive that home. They definitely need the kiosks everywhere.

Errorist762430d ago

Solutions to these problems are already in development. Google Samsung Entrim.

Eonjay2430d ago

People get sick playing FPS games. The exception is not the rule

G20WLY2430d ago

Yeah man, the sickness is a real issue. It's like boats...they'll never catch on either.../S

And drinking alcohol's gonna give you a hangover - who's gonna do that?! LMFAO

freshslicepizza2430d ago

i do want to try it and i bet it is quite fun BUT like any peripheral we are only int he baby steps phase. that means demo like games and smaller indie support. until they have a sizeable audience they will just test the waters. in a couple of years it will be much better but i'm not going to be the guniea pig this time.

UltimateMaster2430d ago

The PS VR will be one of the best VR on the market. It is certainly the lightest and most comfortable.
It's not like everyone will have enough money to buy them all and see which one is truly better without having any bias.

DarXyde2429d ago

The exception is not the rule? Agreed, but how many people have been exposed to VR to confirm that the exception is not the rule? Further, I'm pretty certain that VR can become as mainstream as online play, but they're not going to package it with every console going forward. That's what I'm saying when I say it's likely to be a big hit, but it's not going to replace standard gaming. Rather, it will coexist alongside it.

UltraNova2429d ago

There are very very big players who invested in VR this time around so that alone is enough to provide closure for those who are worried of VR's premature demise.

That said I m still not convinced 1st gen VR headsets are what it takes to make me want one since I m kinda peculiar with tech. I want it to be the best it can be and withoit obvious limitiations when I choose to buy.

The screen door effect and limited peripheral view angle is not there yet for me (seen on all 3 UMD out there).

I will have to wait for a demo kiosk amd then decide if I ll buy PSVR. Even then I will not buy it on launch day.

Lets say ps5 comes out in 2018 (to counter scorpio) will Sony release PSVR 2.0 or will they stick to PSVR 1.0? Thats what worries me on a personal level since I will be getting the next PS console but what happens if I already spent 400 bucks on psvr only to find out that version 2.0 is out within 2 years? I know many of you dont care but some do so will have to see things pan out, real slow this time.

SniperControl2429d ago

Been using VR for nearly two years now with the DK2, at first all of the stuff made me sick to the stomach after only 15 mins, after a week or so, the sickness symptoms disappeared and i got use to it.

Two years later and i hardly feel anything, your body and mind will adapt to it and you will love it, Playing PCars in VR is breathtaking, VR takes gaming to the next level and beyond.

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UnHoly_One2430d ago

We'll see.

I think it's a niche product with very limited practical usage in games.

I think the die hards are going to gobble it up at launch, realize that most of the games aren't that good, or that using it is a pain the butt, and we are going to see ebay flooded with used headsets.

And in a few years nobody will be developing games for it.

Those are my predictions.

I'm not "against it", and I'm not "hoping it fails", that's just what I think will happen.

We'll just have to wait and see, though.

Kirchh772430d ago

I guarantee 100% that doesn't happen. VR is no longer just a gimmick. It's an overall experience that is in no way possible to replicate without actually doing the stuff in real life. Interactive entertainment is without a doubt a major part of our future. Prepare for interactive movies as well. It's coming and it's going to be a game changer.

Oreic2430d ago

If you haven't tried it I strongly suggest you do. Not bashing your opinion at all but, it really is a cool piece of tech. I can't wait for Fallout 4 vr. Even if you're a pc or xbox guy I suggest trying the psvr. They are everywhere til launch.

Outside_ofthe_Box2430d ago

"or that using it is a pain the butt"

I can see this. When I tried PSVR it took it bit to adjust it to the point where the screen wasn't blurry for me and I had the rep there helping me out. I could only imagine how much of a drag it would have been for me if I had to setup the whole thing on my own.

But in the end I came away impressed at how I actually felt I was in the game. Definitely feel like VR is the future.

"I think it's a niche product with very limited practical usage in games."

I actually feel VR's usage in games is limitless and that the only limit is the creativity of your mind. I even feel like third person games can still done in VR just that Devs will have to approach it differently than they have been for the past 2 decades.

LetoAtreides822430d ago

@Outside_The_Box, no that just shows that the rep who was trying to help you is inexperienced with PSVR, I've tried it at two locations, each one with a different rep, the rep at the Best Buy was so much better at adjusting the headset than the rep at Gamestop. I bet it will be easier to adjust it yourself at home than it is to adjust it for someone else.

Errorist762430d ago

It's clear you simply haven't tried it yet.

uth112430d ago

It's a new medium.

Remember videogames didn't launch in the 70s with photo-realistic graphics and 12+ hours of game play in every game. They were simple 5 minutes experiences for the most part.

I don't think if VR starts off with simple experiences and less than photo-realism graphics it will spell doom for it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2430d ago


Have you taken one hour out of one of your days to go to a Best Buy, EB Games, or Gamestop to demo PSVR?

If not, go play Halo or something.

marioJP872429d ago

Man, I have this feeling too. I think it will suffer the same fate as 3D. Amazing tech and feature but wont receive the proper support and may fade. We really dont see any TRUE triple A support for PSVR. I truly hope it takes off though and become more affordable with what you have to purchase in order to utilize it.

UnHoly_One2429d ago

Apparently some of you can't differentiate between "I think it is going to fail" and "I think it's terrible".

I can go demo it all I want, maybe it would be the most amazing thing I ever played, but that doesn't change my opinion. I still will expect it to fail.

I just don't think it will sell enough to the masses in order to maintain long term support. Even if the hard core don't get bored and sell theirs, I don't believe it will last.

I'm just making predictions here folks, I'm not hating on anything or judging it's quality.

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OB1Biker2430d ago

I feel it's new step in gaming a bit like when 3D games appeared vs 2D.

Outside_ofthe_Box2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

This is how I feel.

Definitely feel like VR is not a fad or a gimmick and that it is here to stay. I feel like it can and will get better over time.

You actually feel like you're in the game, no fluke. Racers and First Person Shooters will benefit the most.

NukaCola2430d ago

Everyone needs to understand that PS VR Vive and all these other headsets are used for games at this time but that is just to get a general idea of how they're working. This stuff is far beyond video games and more about science research and really connecting the world

TheLEGENDofTydo2430d ago

As soon as they can bump up the resolution and the ppi I'll be on board

Soulrakk2429d ago

Well it certainly can't go down.

abstractel2429d ago

I've had a Vive for a few months and it definitely does not feel like a gimmick. Despite there not being that many quality games to play, I am still hooked playing The Lab, especially the archery minigame. It looks beautiful, and only thing that ends up stopping me from playing is arm fatigue.

I have to admit that when I first got the Vive, I had some motion sickness but that's gone now. I am not sure if I just had to get used to it or what, but VR is just an experience so completely different from a normal gaming experience and this is just the beginning.

The better thing about the PSVR is how comfortably it sits on your head compared to the Vive. I really hope it sells well but I am worried about Sony releasing PSVR and Neo too close to each other. People might choose one over the other because of money.

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Oreic2430d ago

I was skeptical at first but I tried the PSVR and all I can say is "I'm in". The tech is only going to get better, and the way devs utilize it will only get more clever. When I played Battle zone I couldn't believe how much it really felt like I was in a tanks cockpit. So I'm sold.

Antnee5342430d ago

Yes that was the best game i got to demo. I really loved how there was so much text that you can literally lean in and read. I know it's a minor detail but it enthralled me lol. Also battlezone is a must buy if you want a real game as of now.

I will say stay seated when playing the games in vr because I was allowed to stand and it was all fine in dandy till I took the helmet off. I kinda got a headache but that also might of been that I was able to play an hour with the headset on.

Oreic2430d ago

I remember when the rep handed me the controller and I was shocked that I could see it in the headset. Absolutely had zero issues reaching out for it. It really was incredible. Also I was very entertained by the fact that there was a fire extinguisher in the cockpit lol.

gamerswin242430d ago

Another satisfied customer contrary to the fanboys with agendas! I cant wait!!!

MasterCornholio2430d ago

Nice that it works well.


ShadowKnight2430d ago

Can't wait to try it again. Had a blast with it at PSX last year.

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