Gaming Age Review: Galaga Legions

Brian Peterson Writes:

"A good shooter is hard to find now a days unless you are of course on Xbox Live Arcade. I mean, god forbid someone actually forks out some decent development money to produce a high quality shooter. I guess I'm in the minority here as I assume the idea is too old school for mass production. Well, thankfully XBLA does exist, so we all are treated to great games like Ikaruga, Geometry Wars, and many other games that are destined to, or already are, classics.

As a perfect segway, I'd like to mention a classic that was always near and dear to my heart: Galaga. The premise was simple, but the challenge was intense, even back in the 80's. After hearing the announcement that a reinvention of the classic game, ala Pac-Man: Championship Edition and Space Invaders Extreme, I was drooling with anticipation to play one of my favorite oldies in a whole new light. Unfortunately either my memory has been damaged, or this classic redone isn't that good, but the end result was disappointment and not the addicting experience I was hoping for."

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