No trophy support for Fallout 3 at launch

Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Fallout 3 will not include Trophy support when the game hits stores later this year, but did not rule out the possibility of the feature being added at a later date.

"Not at launch," said Hines, during an interview with to be published later today.

"It remains to be seen what we do down the road. It wasn't something we were able to incorporate into the game for launch."

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solidt124330d ago

That Sux but i am still buying the game on Day one. I guess they were to far into development when trophy firmware came out so they figured they would do it after they finish the game.

Rama262854330d ago

Yeah I agree. I really hope they're actually planning to implement trophies in the future and it's not just a "oh maybe we will" sort of attitude.

I'm sure us gamers have shown that the majority of us want trophies and that trophy implemented games make a difference to us and our decisions in what we buy, and that will give them a good enough reason to add them in the future.

Here's to hoping and wishing....

SullyDrake4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Still a day one for me, but Far Cry 2 sounds so much more attractive now for a First-person game.

They'd better patch Trophies in within the month, after the exclusive DLC crap we PS3 gamers deserve it.

EDIT: Who the hell is disagreeing? Do you not want Trophies?

Pika-pie4330d ago

We already knew this. They said so at E3.

Il probebly wait until they patch before making my purchase. Il be too busy with LBP & Resistance anway

gambare4330d ago

yeah, it sux, they already know the PS3 users will be too busy with exclusive titles like LBP and R2 so they won't pay any attention to Fallout.

harrisk9544330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Trophies were not an "overnight" development for the PS3. Obviously, they had to have been working on it for some time. In other words, coding a brand new firmware update to incorporate the trophies was not done overnight.Sony should have given all of its developers access to the code earlier so that they could have incorporated trophies in all of the games that currently don't support them. And Sony needs to be forcing developers to implement trophies just like MS does. But what I really don't understand is why developers don't want to go back and put trophies into the games. It increases the shelf-life/longevity of the title and people will go back and play older games that they either never played or that they have since stopped playing just to get trophies. Uncharted is a perfect example. A lot of people went out and picked it up b/c of the trophies. I know that I went back and replayed it (several times to finally get Platinum!). It just makes no sense to me. Seems like a bad business move! Plus, Naughty Dog talked about how easy it was to implement trophies in Uncharted b/c they already had mapped out achievements. Since the devlopers of multi-platform games (such as Fallout) have already implemented acheivements in the 360 version, then why would it be such a difficult task to add this to the PS3 version? Wouldn't they want to sell as many copies as possible for as long as possible??

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Montrealien4330d ago

let`s hope they get a trophy update some people are enjoying throhies and hope for them to be available on every new game, including myself.

TheExecutive4330d ago

this was expected but still disappointing

Fishy Fingers4330d ago

Nevermind. You can hardly blame them, trophies weren't part and parcel of the PS3 when development begun and I'm sure you guys dont want anymore delays, I know I dont.

thor4330d ago

Yeah but how hard can it be to put trophies in that are just the same as the achievements? You've already got the code to tell when someone gets the achievement, just change the Xbox-specific achievement unlocked code into PS3-specific trophy awarded code.... I can't see it being more complicated than that. And by the time it releases the trophy code will have been available for many months.

Fishy Fingers4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

well that's something I simply cant answer as I have no experience in that area, but I believe Sony said it takes a few guys half a day to implement trophies.

Now if that's accurate you'd think they could manage to get them in for launch, but the developer makes it clear they don't have enough time to get it done for launch so there's not much point questioning it.

InMyOpinion4330d ago

Agree with Fishy. I'd rather have the game on time than have trophies or achievements. They are fun to have but in the end not that important.

Kush_Reaper4330d ago

@ Thor

Thank you. I'm glad in not the only one who thinks that it really cant be that hard to impliment trophies.

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villevalorox4330d ago

i really dont see why trophies or achievements are such a big thing.

iNcRiMiNaTi4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

for some its bragging rights so they go and work for whatever it is the achievement asks for

for some people [like me] its a reason to replay the game and sometimes do certain things i wouldnt normally do. some achievements make u do creative things and opens up new doors for things to do in the game.

either way it gives games replayablilty and/or gives the player a reason to play the game and do certain things and *usually* in the high profile games, these achievement/trophies take alot of work to get and ur playing the game even longer. and of course theyre optional which makes them even better.

VF34EJ254330d ago

5.1 is right. It CAN add longevity if the user wants to use the feature.

A lot of people buy only one game every month or two, or sometimes longer. Not everybody is wealthy enough to buy a new game everytime they're bored.

So what does that person do when they beat the game 2-3 times? They can choose to tackle the achievements/trophies which is like a game within itself.

Of course to other people who don't understand that concept, it looks like it's a waste of time and is for no reason. But if you look at it that way, playing games and beating it is a waste of time.

Playing games is meant for entertainment and self satisfaction. Achievements and trophies is just another form that supports that for the user who wants it. Those who don't want it and don't care about it, can simply just ignore it altogether.

Drekken4330d ago

It isnt HUGE... BUT, if the game is releasing without them to be implemented at a later date than this sways me not to get the game when it releases. I love beating games, but I wont play through again just for trophies. I will wait for the trophies so I can level up.

Dannagar4330d ago

It helps gamers compete with each other indirectly.

m-s-8-24330d ago

Longevity is a good thing in a game. I'd previously played through Uncharted 2 times, got all of the in game awards. When I was bored last week, I deleted my saves and downloaded the trophy patch and played through it 2 more times to get all of the trophies. It was almost as enjoyable the 3 and 4th times as it was the first, but I might not have ever bothered had they not done the patch.

ape0074330d ago

achievements some times make the game more hardcore and challenging,more valuable

example:cod 4 on veteran and mile high club on veteran,gears of war on insane,finding all truesers in uncharted and get the platinum trophy,show your friends,stardust,geometry wars etc...

achievements sometimes makes you more kiddy and stupid

example: renting avatar just for achievements,playing medicore games more than big titles because they have more points,tell your friend online:please let's do this halo 3 achievements(in multiplayer)

am gonna buy star wars:tfu for 360 cause achievements sealed the deal for me,it adds more longevity to the game,imagine tfu has finish the game on hardest difficulty achievements,you know what am talking about.

SL1M DADDY4330d ago

bad games make sales. I have been known to scrounge through the bargain bin for a few cheap games to help with my GS. I have not done this in a while but I remember getting hooked on the gamer score. Now, I play games for their worth.

zer0man14330d ago

I respect what you guys are saying about achievements and trophies adding replay value to games, but there are many gamers who don't need them as a reason to buy or re-explore a game.

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