Eurogamer Review: Spore Creatures

The DS version of Will Wright's galaxy-spanning evolutionary epic was always going to follow in giant footsteps, but there was no reason to think the game couldn't retain some of its creative sprawl when transitioning from PC to DS. After all, it's not like the diminutive handheld hasn't hosted similarly open-ended games in the past. Mix up Animal Crossing with The Sims and sprinkle on a dash of Nintendogs and you've got a winning recipe. Strange, then, that Maxis has instead opted to turn Spore Creatures into a frustratingly linear and repetitive action-adventure.

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Montrealien3882d ago

5/10 really? I played it for a few hours last night and really enjoyed it. I don`t agree with that score.

This game is solid and many people will have fun with it. This review seemms to compare it to the PC game and gives it a low score because it does not match up to the PC game, but as a stand alone game, it is a good DS game, in it`s own right.