Sub-100 Euro graphics market overview

Fudzilla writes: "It's time to take a look at the graphics fall/winter collection for 2008/09. It's a good time to upgrade, Nvidia's GTX200 series has been around for a while, the cards got cheaper and there's a lot of them to choose from. Meanwhile, ATI's HD4000 series has taken both the performance and price/performance crown. In spite of that, the choice of HD4000 cards was rather limited up until a few of weeks ago, when non-reference designs became available.

Let's start on the cheap side, we'll get back to the high end a bit later on. There's a lot of choice in the sub 100 Euro market segment, and if you're not after top notch stuff, you can get some great cards for peanuts. Last year's must-have-card, the 8800GT, has dropped to as little as 69 Euro, but only in the 256MB version. If you want 512MB you'll have to cough up at least 97 Euro. For 100Euro you can get PNY's 9800GT based on the G92b 55nm core and it's probably worth the extra 3 Euro."

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