The Harsh Realities of Loving the Fighter Genre

Sean Halliday of GameRaven writes:

''The fighting game genre has always been a harsh mistress for me. For every happy memory I have of the genre there’s about 3 bad memories that shortly follow. From a young age I became interested in fighters and my first experience with the genre was (unsurprisingly) Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo.''

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865d ago
Kokyu865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

The sad truth is you'll be paying for it piece meal from here on out.

Hoffmann865d ago

At least if you stick to Capcom.

KOF XIV comes with the full menu, the Netherrealm Studios games are ..K-omplete after 10 months usually and it looks like the next Tekken won't have character dlc as well.

Loadedklip865d ago

True ... but I am hoping ... but not confident yet ... that King of Fighters 14 will arrive with a GOOD netcode.

We will see.

MoveTheGlow865d ago

This was a good, personal article. I pretty much agree - there's a real barrier to entry when stuff is focused on online modes. The systems could be amazing, the characters intriguing, but the amount of time it takes to get good is crazy.

Rachel_Alucard865d ago

I feel mobas like league and DOTA are much more stressful because as I recall it literally takes 9 weeks of in game time practice against bots before you can face other players, so about 700-800 hours of bot practice. I tried playing both and I couldn't get a single kill within 10 matches of play. I then played other games like Smite, Heroes of the storm, paragon (as bad as it was), and I didn't have this problem. In fact I literally slaughtered the player teams with a single death here and there. I don't know what it is but for some reason I'm cursed to never play DOTA or LoL (secretly I'm glad).

Kyosuke_Sanada864d ago

For me, the fighting genre started to dwindle with the death of arcades. I've made great days and rivals during it's heyday because yeah it was important to win however the face to face social aspect made losing just as good due to the mentoring I would get from winning competitors. Every new arcade had the same games but with different house rules to keep the fights interesting. Trash talking is allowed, even encouraged in many regards, however there was always a line we never crossed because in the end, we were just playing a game to have fun. is a souless void. I've made only two friends in the year or two I've played fighting game on the net. Online has certainly raised the bar in difficulty which was good because I love a great fight regardless of the victor, however the the over the top name-calling with racial slurs in the mix made 97% of the fights played in mute. The payoffs I got from practicing felt fruitless due to the exploits in lag and the innumerable amount of disconnects from sore losers. Netplay in fighting games feels like the perfect case of quality beating quantity for me and now that I have moved away from my hometown and friends on my own while arcades continually died during that time, I severely doubt I'll ever have moments which rivaled the good old days. However, I haven't fully given up because I do believe there will be another era when fighting games will offer the same camaraderie as it did in the past.

Ill be awaiting it's return......