Arkane shares new details about Prey's gameplay and story

MWEB GameZone writes,"There are many questions fans of the series want to know, and Raphael Colantonio, president of Arkane Studios, did a short interview to pull back the curtain just a little bit on the mystery of 2017's Prey."

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Sillicur1524d ago

This game is looking so good. Loving everything I see / hear from it so far!

DesVader1523d ago

I was really excited when I heard Prey was back on the table. Pretty much lost hope after the last teaser that was awesome and then the game was cancelled.

Errorist761523d ago

Talking about Prey 2 I assume.

Errorist761523d ago

I adore Arkane so incredibly excited for this one. That said thus is an old video from E3 and nothing new was gained.