Football Manager 2009 kicks off- new 3d match engine

Sega has put out a huge video detailing the latest in its footy management sim series, Football Manager 2009.

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Polluted4893d ago

So people really enjoy this game, eh? Guess I just don't see the appeal.

Gam714893d ago

If you're a football fan these management type games hold a lot of appeal.

But you have to be a fan of the sport first.

DanteLinkX4893d ago

I wonder who buys these type of games, also games like Nintendogs, Wiifit, and all that simulation crap (sport games), you can just do it in real life.

Ronnie074893d ago

You can just be a manager in real life?

Gam714893d ago

lol Not just a manager in real life but a Premiership manager after taking Accrington Stanley from league 2 to Champions league glory.

Chubear4893d ago

Usually, gamer who talk like this aren't good at sports at all and don't play it in real life either. If you did, you wouldn't talk like that at all.

If you don't like sports or sporting games and just move on to stuff you do like instead of finding ways to dogg on the genre and the gamers who enjoy it.

Iamback4893d ago

finally 3D i just hope it wont suck and be repetitive

Revvin4893d ago

If you've never played it you will never understand. I used to watch my son playing it and wonder where the fun was then started playing myself and became hooked. I've got friends that have got into serious relationship trouble over their Football Manager addictions.

predator4893d ago

there goes my life with this dam football manager addiction

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The story is too old to be commented.