PS3 Controller/remote/keyboard combi coming your way

Dutch website published the first photo's of a controller/remote/keyboard combi, manufactured by Nitho. The device seems to be a normal remote, with buttons like Play and Pause, but it has a slide-out keyboard hidden within. Not only a complete QWERTY keyboard is within it, also two analog sticks and all of the buttons of a normal PS3 controller.

it is unknown when this device will be released, and what the price will be.

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Blackmoses4320d ago

not a bad concept...bit on the bulky side but I like the concept!


KillahCam4320d ago

Yeah that looks hot I might have into this when it comes out.

RevN8r4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I wouldn't say it looks hot, but it's definitely an interesting concept. I kinda agree with Mitchell below, if it was a Sony product it'd be a lot more enticing, but it'd probably look a lot better if they made it anyway.

Truth is, a remote that actually is universal would be nice. Give me something that changes the channels on my tv, controls my devices, works as a video game controller, with a full qwerty keyboard, and maybe even phone capabilities - I'd be all over that.

gaffyh4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Interesting concept, but not the best design.

off topic - what happened to that multiple configuration controller for the PS3 that Shane from 1up was talking about?

mfwahwah4320d ago

Eh, looks like they just mashed some stuff together.

Raoh4320d ago

aside from access to the trigger and shoulder buttons

this is actually kind of cool...

even though it will probably fail..

the concept alone is brilliant...

Draperc4320d ago

Eh, I'll stick with the mini keypad for the ps3 controller. This doesn't really appeal to me I'm afraid. =/

juuken4320d ago

Kinda weird though...xD;

Mr_Bun4320d ago

I don't know what to make of it either!

juuken4320d ago

It reminds me of Transformers for some odd reason. xD

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The story is too old to be commented.