Nintendo: An Intervention

Nintendo, it's time to talk.

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shocked6862382d ago

Nice article. Nintendo has a lot of work to do to win back their audience. While the NX stuff is still just rumors, a lot of the rumors are pointing in the same direction and it's not a good one. Hope they pull it together because I really think Nintendo is important to the gaming industry as a whole.


I think sega should still be in the console buisness and nintendo should have died.... nintendo has almost done nothing that isnt along the same old lines games wise... hey look another mario!

jcnba282382d ago

Wow.. Nintendo have done nothing? Nintendo is the only company that try new things. The others just make the same console with more power. OMG so innovative! The same technology that has been on PC for years.

And don't get me started with Mario. Please do your research before you spew nonsense.

-Foxtrot2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )


Really? Because their games tell a different story..regardless of quality their games don't change much. It's likle the main reason why their games are always so high in quality...because they hardly do anything new or risky to warrant more bugs and other problems.

Splatoon is the only new thing from them in recent years

Besides when they do new things they never do things people want. Take the Wii U hardware wise or Paper Mario Colour Splash/Metroid Federation Force games wise.

ChickeyCantor2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

> hey look another mario!


> Really? Because their games tell a different story..regardless of quality their games don't change much. It's likle the main reason why their games are always so high in quality...because they hardly do anything new or risky to warrant more bugs and other problems.

LOL that's not how development works, that is assuming you're saying they are copy pasting their code since the n64 days. High quality games come from good designs and creative direction. Bugs and other problems are caused by agile [read : fast/chaotic] development and a harsh deadline. That's why so many triple A games are broken on launch.

As for Nintendo "not changing" much, all developers are guilty of that. You take a formula and add things to it. That's exactly what Nintendo has been doing with their games. It's exactly what others developers do with their existing franchise.
You guys are extremely unrealistic expecting them to be unique in every way. Nearly no developer does that.

Stop pretending to be devs or managers for that matter.

>Besides when they do new things they never do things people want.

So you want the same thing? lol

>Paper Mario Colour Splash
Who said they don't want it?

>Metroid Federation Force
So making a spinoff is a crime? Gotcha. Can't blame them for trying.

When they try new/different stuff you complain it's not what you want. So then when they make what you want you complain they don't do anything new.
pick one.

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Fullmetalevolust2382d ago

Not to sound immature, but hey look another Sonic...where are the golden axe, the streets of rage, the phantasy star (for the west), the shining force (for the west) of the old and I could name other titles.
Sega is just a mere shadow of its former self. I loved their arcade games and their innovative IP. Hell, I own a saturn and a dreamcast and I fire them up often. But Nintendo has done well to keep its identity and survive in a maturing market full of sports, racing, and FPS games (and a saturated one at that).
So give me another mario, mario kart and Smash bro. And someone needs to wake Sega the F* up 'cause they're sleeping on golden IP's.

The 10th Rider2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )


Nintendo's games iterate on the previous entries, Galaxy is nothing like Sunshine, which is nothing like 64, etc... Breath of the Wild is nothing like Skyward Sword, which was nothing like Twilight Princess, etc... You're also ignoring titles like NintendoLand, Rhythm Heaven, Tomogachi Life, etc...

Besides, Uncharted iterates without significant changes and it's one of the best series out there right now.

jcnba28 was definitely off by saying Nintendo is the only company that tries new things, but to point to their games to try and disprove it is just idiotic.

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BLKxSEPTEMBER2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

You think Sega would have done better? Tell me what has Sega done in recent years to make you say that? Oh look another Sonic! The last great thing Sega did was release the Dreamcast. If Sega died today I don't think most people would care or notice but the same can't be said about Nintendo.

_-EDMIX-_2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I mean....I've been pretty outspoken about not liking what the company has done, but I can't really say all that. They've had their rehashes yes, but they still have a place in the industry and they used to make some quality software and still do with certain IPs.

I agree they've fell way off on some IPs, but they still produce some quality titles. Smash, Mario Kart, Zelda etc.

I don't agree with Warnut, but I also don't agree with jcnba28.

@jcnba- no... Nintendo has basically copied many companies and jumped on fads, while remaining dated with their design and approach. Sony and MS are not merely "make the same console" as they are always talking with 3rd party in terms of what to add to better the communty. It isn't Sony or MS job to give developers some wacky device to force them to work with.

Give them the canvas, give them the tools. STOP, THIS is where it ends, they don't need to be shoving devices down developers throats. If they want to support it....they will, but not if its merely the only damn thing going for the device.

Wiimotes could have been options, VR and Kinect are OPTIONS! When you are not progressing and your only answer is a gimmick, something is wrong. VR and Kinect may suck to many, but they are merely OPTIONS to developers, NOT the only damn tools to produce content on a platform.

Mario has downgraded over the years bud, they over simplified the heck out of that game for kids, all you have to do is look at Sunshine vs Galaxy merely just on the controls to get your answer to that BS claim.

Nintendo has done stuff, I can't say "almost done nothing" but I won't say something crazy like "only company that try new things"

Eye Toy released before Wii.
PSVR is coming out this year...
Kinect with voice controls and features
Kinect with AR

Please stop. They are not the only ones bud. Will you continue to say this if NX is merely just a PSP 3000?

We can have both....we don't need this one over the other BS, it makes no sense. Did PSVR need to be a WHOLE console forcing developers to support it in order to have anything on the platform to be a "new thing" to you?

Segata2381d ago

I think SEGA and Nintendo should be the ONLY ones in the console race still.

link2Dpast2381d ago

I agree with the sega part but the Nintendo one is a bit unrealistic. I'll make this about sega though. The big difference was that sega was like Nintendo with out the gimmicks. Sega was for the mature adult, Dreamcast is literally the most underrated console ever but in hindsight sega just didn't have enough and inevitably failed while Nintendo florished because those gimmicky ideas

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_-EDMIX-_2382d ago

I don't think they can. I think they can maintain the few they have, but I don't see returning gamers coming back as they are long gone else where.

I think its a good direction.

Put all their gamers on 1 platform.

1 platform, 1 install base, all their teams. They don't have enough to just keep fragmenting their install base with a handheld AND console. They must let console go and focus on handheld. At least we are getting the feature to out to a tv which I feel is all console gamers really want. They may not really care THAT much about power considering....well Nintendo and all.

I see NX having an install base of at least 70 plus million if you add in the Wii U and 3DS base. I think the majority of Nintendo gamers, game on handheld, thus I don't see them losing much sales because of not making it console only when it can still out to a tv to give a consumer what they want in the first place.

What is a console anyway other then something that is playing on the tv? They can market it as both and be fine. Yes, its them quietly ending their dedicated consoles, but its also them for the first time supporting 1 platform FULLY.

Console gamers get to play on the tv, handheld gamers get to play on the go, BOTH install bases get the same games. This is a win / win.

I don't see Nintendo leaving the gaming industry, not even slightly. If NX fails, I do see them going software only though, but I don't see them completely leaving the industry as that is just a bit exaggerative.

The 10th Rider2380d ago

I don't think they should abandon handhelds, but I think they should make a lighter, cheaper, handheld and put all their sidescrollers and isometric games on it, while making the same games playable in HD on their home console.

_-EDMIX-_2379d ago

@10th- "I don't think they should abandon handhelds" Me neither, I think have a strong base and room to grow even if for a bit. I think if they put all their effort in 1 device, they can do very fine.

Even as a 3DS owner, it sucks seeing titles go to Wii U as you feel like you are missing out on content that otherwise could have been on 3DS or even both.

Animal Crossing New Leaf and Smash 4 100% convinced me that a Nintendo with JUST handheld could very much work.

This is where I disagree "while making the same games playable in HD on their home console" As it questions if they can't even move console units, why even produce the hardware? I like the idea of the handheld merely being both ala the PSP 3000 as it saves them LOTS of money and focuses all their attention on 1 platform as suppose to porting to another. Having it in HD will come with a cost.

Making the handheld both gives the user a choice, gives the developer 1 platform and Nintendo less money spent on a dedicated console that can now be spent on making more games.

I felt for a long time that they were going to quietly leave the dedicated console space and this is their chance to do so.

They can't afford to make a console moving 12 million units. I'd rather just see that support for the fans that are actually buying the hardware ie handheld fans. As even though I prefer to play on console ie tv screen, I'll get a device that lets me do that, EVEN if its not a dedicated console.

Best of both worlds, cost effective, gives the user more choice and has all Nintendo development under 1 platform. I strongly feel this could work very well for Nintendo and I'm on board DAY 1 if indeed that is what NX is.

The 10th Rider2378d ago

I was envisioning a more powerful, albeit less portable, handheld that outs to the TV. Then smaller less expensive one could be more akin to a inexpensive touch screen phone. Games for the small one could easily be playable on the main console, but it would provide a more portable option for their simpler games. Think of it as an Android based phone with a d-pad and face buttons, that also plays a few games like rhythm heaven and new super Mario bros.

_-EDMIX-_2378d ago

@10th- I think they should focus on making the handheld as portable as possible simply because with the new chip sets that are out they could make a very slim unit that still out very powerful graphics on TV.

I think they need to absolutely focus on appeasing their base which is there mobile community. It's much more easier to make a slick handout that outs to a TV then a less portable console.

I think anything more powerful than the Wii U will be absolutely fine on a TV and most Nintendo Gamers I do not believe will just abandon the next Nintendo platform simply because it's Graphics are not up to par with PlayStation 4.

When has Nintendo really ever been up to par with the latest competition?

I think if it's more powerful than the Wii U I believe they could still do an absolutely phenomenal job as the core Nintendo fans may not really care I think the most important thing for them right now is to get all their developers Under One Roof developing on one platform full steam ahead.

The 10th Rider2378d ago

Sorry, I was on my phone so I couldn't fully explain myself.

They're not going to get home console performance in something smaller than a tablet or the Wii U gamepad. I think the NX should be around that size and out to the TV. It will be portable, but not pocket sized. They should refocus all of their teams onto that platform. They should be able to fit power similar to the PS4 or Xbox One in there, but it won't be close to the Scorpio and will still fall behind the Neo. That should be fine.

On the side, they should release a $100-150 dollar micro, pocket sized console. Something akin to a small phone with a d-pad and face buttons. (there could even be a more expensive model with phone capabilities.) Third party support for it wouldn't be an issue as it could just run a modified Android and play phone games. It could also sport it's own virtual console of NES, SNES, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games as well. The only games Nintendo would develop for it would pretty much be isometric and sidescrollers, like gameboy Advance Zelda and Mario games. It wouldn't have to be heavily supported by them, but the games wouldn't exactly be hard to make. 5-6 games a year would be fine. They could be reminiscent of old gameboy/gameboy advance and NES/SNES titles. Also, they could upscale them and put them on the NX eShop as well, so they're still supporting their main console through those games.

Basically it would be a way for them to maintain a presence in the pocket-sized gaming market while lessening the amount of resources they have to invest in it. A more powerful 3DS successor is unlikely because it would divide their development resources too much. Hence, why not make something that emphasis simple games and lower performance in an affordable package to keep their share of the market?

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babadivad2381d ago

I'm honestly exited about what Nintendo is doing for the first time since maybe the N64[maybe Gamecube as well]. The new Tegra maybe a mobile chip but it's going to pack a LOT of power. The old Tegra X1 chip released last year already boast 1 TF of power[measures up pretty good again X1 and PS4]. Nintendo is rumored to be using the updated chip Tegra X2[using Pascal GPU]. That should put it in the same ball park of the X1 and PS4[if not surpassing them] and it will be mobile.

They could design it to run slower and cooler when mobile. And when it's on the dock, they can clock it higher since it isn't constrained by battery life. The mobile part could have a 720p screen so you don't loose graphic fidelity when mobile and run at 1080p when plugged into the dock when the chip is able to run at maximum clocks.

I hope Nintendo doesn't screw up in recent Nintendo fashion. This is the first good idea they've had in a while. This could be huge.

ABizzel12381d ago

The old Tegra only reaches 1TB at it's max clock speeds, which is completely unobtainable inside of a handheld device. That 1TB of performance was only achieved in the vehicles that used the chip, as even the NVIDIA Shield TV used the clocked down version around 512 GFLOPS.

I'm pretty sure we'll be looking at something similar with the X2 / P1 chip which should be around 40% - 60% more powerful with similar TDP than the current X1, putting it in the rang of 700 - 800 GFLOPS, which around 2x the performance of the Wii U at worst and just under 2/3 the performance of the XBO at best.

We can hope the dock allows the system to overclock a good deal and have some amazing cooling as well, in which case it could theoretically be on par with the XBO, but considering it's a mobile chip it's still going to have some drawbacks in comparison to a full laptop grade GPU.

babadivad2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )


You just basically reiterated what I said. When the device is mobile it will be down clocked but pushing pixels on a lesser display so graphics fidelity isn't lost. When docked, it will be able to up clock and run at it's full potential.

I know the capabilities of the old Tegra X1, you aren't telling me anything new. All that I said is completely achievable with the proposed technology of the Tegra X2.

And for the record, the Tegra X1 can hit 1TF of performance.

Idiedgoodbye2381d ago

I hope Nintendo dies and comes back to life and dies again only to revive and die in an endless cycle until they discover who they trully are.

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_LarZen_2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Nintendo is doing everything right with the NX (if the rumors are true). They would loose if they wanted to join the hardware race.

Nintendo is not about graphics but trying new ways to make gaming fun. Thats Nintendo's philosophy and it always has been.

MPScrimshaw2382d ago

I think you're absolutely right, and honestly, I'd never want Nintendo to change that philosophy (Focusing on Fun, rather than hardware power). That's what makes them so great. I just think sometimes their drive to innovate, rather than make games more fun and accessible, makes them more difficult to interact with. That's when innovation goes from being a great thing to a liability.

Chuuzuu2382d ago

Exactly right. I wanted StarFox to be so great but it's a just a mess with the forced gamepad controls.

_LarZen_2382d ago

I agree. Let's hope the NX will get Nintendo back on track.

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hiawa232382d ago

I thought they did that with the Wiiu which was a huge failure

ABizzel12381d ago

There are plenty of people who will disagree with you, but I feel the same way.

A powerful console will do nothing but cause another gen of Wii U level sales so the few vocal fans can spend $400 to play Mario with Ratchet and Clank level graphics.

Nintendo's sales come from their handheld division and always have.

NES 62m
SNES 50m
N64 33m vs GB 120m
GC 22m vs GBA 82m
Wii 102m vs DS 155m
Wii U 14m vs 3DS 60m

*Nintendo has 6 home consoles which sold a total of 283m units (avg. 47.1m). They have 4 handhelds which sold a total of 417m units (avg. 104.2m).

*Nintendo worst selling handheld is on track to sell more than all but 1 of their home consoles.

Nintendo needs to focus on their money maker, handhelds.

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