PlayStation VR Space Shooter Frontier Debuts; Watch the Explosive Trailer

The game is developed with Unreal Engine 4 and sets in the space. Fast and explosive shooting experience is what the game is all about. You can watch the trailer below to feel the intensity. From the video, you can see the gameplay involves shooting, moving with jetpack, melee combat

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ApocalypseShadow1785d ago

Adrift with guns. I love space games but I'm thinking how do you do combat in space? One tear, one bullet hole to the suit and your potentially dead.

Would like to see more though to see what this team comes up with.

donthate1784d ago

Another game that avoids the VR locomotion problem instead of solving it.

Basically moving around (as in the camera in an accelerated manner) is making people VR sick, and there is no good mechanic to do it either so you end up with teleports. This games works around it, by being in space.

When are devs going to fix that problem?

Errorist761784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Games like Farpoint already show how it can be solved. The problem is one needs a reference point and other, new types of movement controls which are already in development everywhere. It's mostly typical gamepad movement which causes problems.

Then there are developments like Samsung Entrim which aim to fake the brain in thinking the body really moves. Problem will be solved soon.

donthate1784d ago


Farpoint has not solved it. Latest report:

"Farpoint is well crafted and great fun. I also felt wildly sick after playing it. My first VR motion sickness. #e3"

"Farpoint is the VR shooter I wanted, but I didn’t want the VR sweats"

Sorry, it is NOT solved! Not the least bit!

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Christopher1784d ago

I don't know why you just don't move with the standard controller and add head-tracking. Not every game needs real-world movement. In fact, mass majority of them just don't need it.

nveenio1784d ago

Aside from sickness issues, how do they solve the problem of a gun not being a rocket engine in the near vacuum of space and the weightlessness of orbit?

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King_Lothric1784d ago

This game is not based only in space. As previously shown in other videos, you land on a planet where you have to do something and survive. Also, there is a peripheral gun made for this game that people who have played with it says is super awesome.

OB1Biker1784d ago

Maybe you mistake it for FarPoint which also looks great. I do hope the new controller gun can be used on both and other games too

BlackDoomAx1784d ago

Bulletproof spacesuit. Easy :)

ArchangelMike1785d ago

Looks like Adr1ft with guns. Hmm... makes me wonder if this is why Adr1ft isn't coming to PSVR anymore? Also, does this have multiplayer, it looks like there is another player being attacked, who is also attacking the character.

Eonjay1785d ago

I doubt this had anything to do with Adrift not coming to PSVR. Unfortunately, the problem is that Adrift got hammered across the board in reviews.

S2Killinit1780d ago

I think Adr1ft is coming to PS4, but its not VR capable (just yet?)

S2Killinit1785d ago

Do guns make noise in space?

Eonjay1785d ago

Sound waves need a medium to propagate through. Technically the answer is yes, A gun would still produce a sound wave in space. You just need air to hear it. Assuming your helmet is filled with air, I think you would be able to hear gun fire in space. Someone please correct me if I have mistaken.

Ark_1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

In my understanding, you would hear your own gun fire, since it will propaget through the material medium of the spacesuite and its atmosphere. I imagine it as a very muffled sound. But everything you are not in contact with would not be audible.

Edit: Just watched the video and seems adequate.

fr0sty1784d ago

No sound wave is made if there is no medium for it to go through. The energy that would create a sound wave is there, but not the wave. The space suit touching the gun may provide for some sort of muffled sound as it fires, however.

Psychonaut851784d ago

Yeah in the video you can hear the gun but it's very muffled, his breathing is actually louder than the gunfire. Pretty cool!

Errorist761784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Only if you fire the gun inside your helmet!

Like the others already mentioned physical sound propagation over the suit could be possible.

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Kokyu1784d ago

Its a damn video game who cares?

donthate1784d ago

The people that care? :P

gamerswin241785d ago

That looked rally interesting and sony already has a few games coming out for PSVR that kill that notion that the games wont have good looking visuals. Keep it up Sony!!!!

0ROSOY1785d ago

Wow way better than adrift

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