Nidzumi: Football Manager 2009 Preview: Perfecting The Drug

Nidzumi writes: With Sports Interactive busy making Football Manager Live it's a wonder how they manage to find the time to include a whole host of improvement's for the offline rendition. Football Manager 2009 is ready to hit this autumn and will come with a whole host of new features although one of the more important updates to the game will come in the form of a long awaited 3D match engine.

Let's get straight into the main improvement people will see here and that's the new 3D match engine. The engine technically is similar to the old one but it will be represented in a better way, with better animations. This will take full advantage of Sport Interactive's link with SEGA as it will use a lot of the resources used on Virtua Striker. Of course this will be fully optional as the 2D option is still featured so it will be able to run on most older rigs....

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