Psychonauts Creator Pleads for Backwards Compatibility

A new entry in the news section of the Double Fine web site has the company's founder asking Microsoft to include Psychonauts in the next backwards compatibility update.

You know, I have an XBOX 360, and I love it. I love it so much. I wish I could spend every living moment of my life playing it. My wife and I have discussed it, and we've agreed to name our first child, "Geometry Wars." The only thing that could make my XBOX 360 any better is if it would just play this game we made called PSYCHONAUTS.

Tim Schafer revealed that he has already contacted Microsoft and offered all the resources at his disposal to help create the emulator that would allow Psychonauts to run on Xbox 360. But as other developers have revealed, they have little control over which game becomes playable on Xbox 360 and only Microsoft works on those emulators:

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Lucidmantra6194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

Schafer is a god, Full Throttle is one of the great games of all time. As is Grim Fandango. I haven't played Psyconauts but i might because it has generated mad amounts of accolades.

PS Naming your kid geometry wars is dumb even though it is one of the best and most infuriating games released in recent times. ANd not inferiating because of anything other than you know you should do better but that game kicks so much ass.

Lucidmantra6194d ago

and I god I mean god amongst game producers. Not like sonyISgods ... kind of god.

MISSY E6194d ago

Hmm.. never played PSYCHONAUTS.

Lucidmantra6194d ago

Don't worry i can spell check your ass to death too ;) I will keep an eye out... Don't get caught slipping.

MISSY E6194d ago (Edited 6194d ago )

I can't spell worth S***, but are you talking to me? I never played the game. I pasted PSYCHONAUTS.
from the artical?????????. oh you did misspell the game, i did'nt notice that when i read you're comment. I never played PSYCHONAUTS.

Lucidmantra6194d ago

LOl... ok gotcha... sorry bout that I have spelling nazis :P I type to fast alot and we all know they spell stuff crazy sometimes now. Im gonna go knit an afghan and soak my feet now... LOL

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PS360PCROCKS6194d ago

Goes both ways moron, yes I agree it's stupid, but your probably stupider, so does it really matter?

MISSY E6194d ago

^^^lol I hope you're a kid, if not, that would be really sad...

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