Heavy Rain to Come out on November 3rd 2009? And a Direct Feed Trailer

Slashgamer writes: "We did notice something that the protagonist said in the trailer and we didn't catch during our first viewing. Before she enters the house, she talks into what looks to be a voice recorder and says, "Tuesday, November third…". After we heard that, we decided to go check out what day November 3, 2009, falls on. To our surprise it's a Tuesday."

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Forbidden_Darkness3884d ago

Maybe, or maybe on november 3 of this year they'll be revealing more about it? ;)

mfwahwah3884d ago

But she says Tuesday, November 3rd, which is 2009. If they were going to have info this year, I don't think they'd tack on that "Tuesday."

Fishy Fingers3884d ago

I think they might be putting 2 + 2 together and getting 5 here.

f7897903884d ago

I think everyone is forgetting their math.

BigKev453884d ago

Just give me Killzone 2.

Panipal20053884d ago

Yes give me dumb shooters. Shooters! So I can shoot things!

mfwahwah3884d ago

Well it's not like good shooters aren't fun...

thor3884d ago

Well it seems reasonable for a release date, but it's more than a year off. Even if it were the actual date it's still subject to change.

earthdome3884d ago

it's still early..all i care now is LBP

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The story is too old to be commented.