Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details – 26th July - 1st August 2016

Neil writes "The month is coming to an end and that must mean it's nearly pay day! Fancy picking up some bargain games on Xbox? You should be checking out the latest offers in place via the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 26th July - 1st August 2016!"

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oKidUKo1956d ago

Struggling to see anything i'd pick up.

OldGuyStillGaming1956d ago

Metal gear Rising should be a BC title

Hopefully one day soon it will be

SegaGamer1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Prices for the 360 games haven't even been added yet, what is taking them so long ?

barb_wire1956d ago

Man, that's a pitiful 360 selection..

mlackin1956d ago

Personally as a WWE/Wrestling fan. I am obviously happy for WWE2K16 to be on the list. But the game only speaks to the fans. Anyone can/will pick up games like Mass Effect or COD. Games with gold should feature games that will entice everyone. Not a minority. The only thing I am glad is now I will sell my copy of WWE and I don't have to change the disc no more to play. XD

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