Take-Two are "believers" in Nintendo, feeling "pretty enthusiastic" about NX

Nintendo Everything: «Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has once again weighed in on NX. When asked about Nintendo’s upcoming hardware, Zelnick shared the following: “We’re believers. We never want to count Nintendo out. They do it over and over and over again. So we feel pretty enthusiastic actually".»

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oof462615d ago

The game changer will be if they feel enthusiastic enough to put a Rockstar game on it.

freshslicepizza2615d ago

precisely. i do fear the same thing will happen, many will wait and see to see how it sells first or they will do a quick port and half assed effort and sales will be low and then they will stop supporting it. i'm not sure how nintendo will ever get back the third party crowd.

wheresmymonkey2615d ago

But is it going to get any of their games?

superchiller2615d ago

If the NX is based on a gimmick, like the Wii and Wii U before it, it probably won't. If it's a solidly designed, traditional console or handheld, it might.

DC7772615d ago

GTA is a must have on any console. Try and make it happen this time.

curtis922615d ago

Unless you already own it on one of the many consoles it's already on. If you have it on XBO or PS4 why on earth would you get it on a (likely) lesser powered system with (likely) much less of an online community?

C_Ali882614d ago

Lol because he chooses to! Who the F are you? Don't be a sheep we don't follow a herd mentality. We can choose why and how we play, there's no need to justify nor explain it to you.

MetroidFREAK212615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Glad developers are enjoying their experience with the new device. Now Nintendo... Reveal the stupid thing already. Tired of it being shrouded in mystery. I need to know what I may be buying come March.

superchiller2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

They're afraid to reveal it, because they think MS and Sony will steal their brilliant ideas, like they did with the Wii U.

Oh wait, that never happened, did it?

I think they're just afraid that they'll screw it up again, which is entirely possible.

MetroidFREAK212615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

If it doesn't get 3rd party support like the Wii U, I'm done with the big N... But so far, it seems devs are interested in it. So hope is there, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

ninjazfistz2615d ago

Sony PS move copied the wii motion controls on ps3. Remote play and second screen on vita were cloned from the wiiu.

Microsoft actually hasn't fully copied but they took inspiration with Kinect.

2615d ago
jcnba282614d ago

Haha the amount of times Sony has copied Nintendo is beyond hilarious at this stage. Just look at the PS Move for starters - BLATANT rip off from the Wii Remote.

Nintendo are VERY smart for not announcing it too soon.

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Blu3_Berry2615d ago

Blah Blah Blah. Sorry but I will not take anyone's word on how great the NX is until I see it for myself. We all know what happened with Wii U when 3rd party developers were praising it at first then dropped support less than a year almost instantly without hesitating. The only one that somewhat supported then was ubisoft and even they backed out eventually. This is just PR talk.

SHOW THE DAMN THING ALREADY NINTENDO. I'm tired of these rumors and PR talk. 18 months of not showing anything is long enough.

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blackblades11h ago

It's fine to stay working on the same IP that you are experts and experience on. Considering the fan base etc but should also build on new IPs. If you are good at making jrpgs or fighting games you should have the experience to create something new in a new world new name. Cause lately its been remakes, games with the same series aka Cod, tales, FF. Sometimes gaming needs a fresh world unrelated to existing games yes it can flop like forspoken but horizon and got did fine and they were totally different then there last game.


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blackblades1d 21h ago

Damn more closures, they shouldnt have bought so much

Abriael1d 21h ago

Yeah they're like "lookie here, we own 100 studios" one hour before in the conference, and then "hey, but we'll close some"