Pure Looking Better than MotorStorm 2

Momentum continues to grow for offroad racer Pure. Gameplayer's hands-on impressions with the game are strong, and suggest that it could top MotorStorm for best in genre 2008.

"It looks next-gen, too. There is something very naturalistic about the environments and tracks: it's not hyper realised like SSX, but more akin to something like Test Drive: Unlimited… as in, what it would look like if you just pulled out of the garage on an ATV and pounded out into the forest."

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Fishy Fingers4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Looks are one thing, gameplay is another. From what I've seen of Pure the majority of your time is spent jumping or pulling ridiculous tricks like backflip heelclickers on a quad. That's not my idea of an off road RACER. I might pick Pure up if my mates do or it gets incredibly good reviews but as I'm looking for a racing game this doesnt look close to providing the felling that MS does so well.

anh_duong4325d ago

remember seeing the same comments regarding dirt vs motorstorm 1.. and we all know how that turned out..

pure does not have split screen and as much interaction with gaming objects.. how many vehicles and how big the tracks are in pure? in motorstorm one the tracks were massive - not just length but breadth also..

TheExecutive4325d ago

i will reserve all judgement until i get a closer look at motorstorm. I played the original the other day and it still looks fantastic. I have a hard time believing that MS2 wont be a great improvement upon the first.

Idonthatejustcreate4325d ago

I really hope this forces the developers of Motorstorm 2 to make atleast around 20 maps so it secures thier lead infront of Pure.

12 maps is not nearly enough imo.

boodybandit4325d ago

Pure is a "pure" arcade racer on ATV's while pulling off tricks to build your meter to pull off more tricks. There is no depth to it. I would never pay full price for a game that shallow. I might pick it up when it drops in price or from an online auction if the price is right.

Jamie Foxx4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

has submitted this article to create flame,because no where in the pure Preview do gameplayer mention motorstorm or suggest it looks better than motorstorm,so how did this get approved with such a MISLEADING title?

GamerMan4325d ago

Open the article.. at the very top he pulled the title from the article.. can't blame slapping oyster.

I will enjoy Pure but I really wonder if it will be better than Motorstorm... and just a suggestion please quit using MS for Motorstorm... MS (Microsoft) has been using that a whole lot longer than Motorstorm could ever.

I persoanlly believe the depth of Motorstorm 2 will definitely be a better all around game than Pure will be but the old ATV off road Fury in me says I need to get this game. :P

GamerMan4325d ago


Pure looking better than MotorStorm 2

Written by: Chris Stead | 6/17/2008 10:59:33 AM "

...this article is an old article and won't be as accurate with the details that are known today. So therefore it would be a moot point discussing the articles points.

Kleptic4325d ago

yeah people...this was written when the only shown version of Motorstorm 2 was from Sony's Gamer which people were pretty underwhelmed, and a lot questioned if it would even release this fall...

Then E3...which was clearly illustrated that its the off road racing game to beat visually...Pure looks good, don't get me wrong...but watch up to date videos of both...and you'll see how far Motorstrom 2 has come since June...

radio0o4325d ago

I agree completely and yet I still think MotorStorm 2 looks better than Pure visually. Gameplay wise there is just no comparison, MotorStorm 2 is the funner game by miles.

Forbidden_Darkness4325d ago

@GamerMan: MS stands for MotorStorm, while M$ stands for Micro$oft.

dantesparda4325d ago

This article is super flame bait! Its super-old! This article came out when Motorstorm was in a much earlier state. Since then, the visuals have improved greatly on the game, and yet here we have this old a$$ article, that came out months ago on here just to start some sh!t. Oh, fanboys, when will it ever end?

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TheColbertinator4325d ago

I'm surprised Disney is making games like these now.

Kenny_Roger4325d ago

why ??

you shouldn't be surprised ... flops are every where but , they are more common on the PS3

thereapersson4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Tell that to MS's JRPG lineup. Or maybe you'd like to have a word with Too Human?

You're a douchebag...

I_am_a_gangsta4325d ago

Of course..... Motorsport 1.5 is a JOKE!

Common Sense4325d ago

Forza Motorsport 3 looks just like Forza Motorsport.

If so, then you are an idiot.

falviousuk4325d ago

Just had a quick blast with the 360 demo version and it was very good. Track length is quite long on the track provided. And there are several paths you can take. Graphics are excellent, no screen tear and slow downs evident. Saw one tree pop in high up on a hill, but that was all i noticed.
The riders clothes flutter in the wind, and gets muddier as they race around.
Tracks are left in the mud but seem to do nothing the the actual track like sega rally.

controls are good, speed is just right for the type of vehicle being driven. sadly only quads are in the game but can be customised (not in demo)
16 riders offline and online supported. Demo only offers offline play. on one track.

Overall its a very good off road game in the motorstorm mould.

THC CELL4325d ago

No chance it will be better than MS2
The game is not completed yet

all i will say is will see

remanutd554325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

i agreed with you the cell, motorstorm is the king of brutal off racing genre this generation heck i dont even think it has competition but if pure turns out to be as good as motorstorm or better then it would be good for us but i seriously doubt it, motorstorm is coming back with the same formula plus splitscreen and more maps oh did i mention MONSTER TRUCKS!!!!!!!! if you guys stand in my way in online mode you r going to get crunched, see you online
oh btw im so getting Qore today just for motorstorm2 demo

CaptainHowdy4325d ago

isn't the pure demo being released today??? A bit of a difference, MS2 still has room for improvement

Ju4325d ago

I agree. Motorstorm is just a different game. I have Dirt and Sega Ralley. But as soon as you fire up Motorstorm you feel something else. No game gets even close. Its not just another off road game. Physics and destruction are major points in Motorstorm, so are vehicles, and the balance between those e.g. light vehicles ride high up tracks, heavy vehicles drive on muddy roads low down. If a truck hits your bike (or ATV) you can start praying. Adds a complete new level of challenge to the game when you try to win a mixed race with an ATV against a truck. I don't see how Pure can be even compared, except the ATVs might look pretty.

remanutd554325d ago

couldnt said it better myself man, you nailed it, i've just tried pure demo the game does look good indeed but it aint motorstorm, all you do is tricks in the air im sorry but i thought it would bring that excitement that motorstorm brings to the table, i dont see ps3 onwers loving pure that much when motorstorm2 is about to come out.

Kleptic4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

read above people...this article is from June...pacific rift looked like trash at Sony's gamer day...and ran like trash...then follow it up through the german easily handed every other arcade racing game their hat...

no point in arguing...pure looks decent...but the PR is giving even GT5 prologue a run for closed...don't believe me?...1:18-1:21 on that trailer...that truck tearing through the shallow water looks almost real...and that is in game...

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